Which Is the Best Affordable Sports Watch?

FitBitIn the age of iPhones and iWatches, consumers’ expectations from watches have grown exponentially. In an effort to include more functions in their watches, manufacturers have inadvertently raised the price of the average sports watch. It is hard to find a reliable watch that is affordable at the same time.

In order to save you hours of searching, we have compiled a list of the best sports watches with superb quality. However, we leave the decision to you which of these affordable watches is your favorite one.

Garmin Forerunner 35

If you have ever tried to find fitness trackers online, then the name Garmin probably popped up frequently. Garmin had been around for over 30 years so its name became synonymous with tracking technology. That’s why expectations are high when it comes to their smartwatch Garmin Forerunner 35 that came out in 2016.

Needless to say, its GRPS reception is flawless so it can be used to track a person all day. This includes both the number of steps the user makes, as well as the time they spend sleeping.

During the recording session, the watch can be on for 13 hours on end, which is quite impressive when we take the competition into account. The ability to monitor the vital functions like the heart rate all day and night is the feature that makes Garmin Forerunner 35 stand out from the competition.

FitBit Charge 3

The long-awaited successor to Charge 2 hit the market a few years ago. Among many new functions it offers, we wish to point out the brighter touch screen that makes it easier to use the watch when the sun is the strongest, which was something that customers complained before. There are many novel apps that are quite useful and the battery’s life has been prolonged, which is an upgrade in developing ever since Charge 1. Now the watch has 7-day autonomy.

As far as running is concerned, the metrics have been improved so it’s now much easier to use the touchscreen while in motion. There are several monitoring apps that allow you to track exercises and how they stack up against the inputted fitness goals. As far as female users are concerned, the designers from San Francisco have created charts for periods, ovulation, and symptoms.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei entered the sports watches market with one huge advantage over its competitors: the price of its devices has been slashed by as much as 50% in some markets. The cut in price did not, however, thwart the ability of the watch to provide health and fitness tracking abundant in features. Once you add a fairly reliable GPS tracking system to the equation, you get a watch that runners love to wear.

For people who like to run through wilderness one trait of the ideal watch seems to scream out: reliability. When compared to other watches in its price range, Band 3 Pro is much less inaccurate, far less than the industry’s 10%. Having taken extra features in mind, like advanced sleep analysis, a streamlined design intended for swimming, and data-driven coaching, the Huawei’s smartwatch is a watch to look out for.

Amazfit Bip

The Chinese manufacturer Huami has created a fitness tracker that boast a low cost and an abundance of pro features. Amazfit Bip is inexpensive, has a solid battery life (up to 30 days), and it offers heart rate and sleep monitoring, which is a pro feature that no one would expect to encounter in a model in Amazfit Bip’s price range. In fact, the only downside to it seems to be the touchscreen that can prove tricky to navigate at times.

Its slim design makes is suitable for business and leisure occasions, not only running sessions. Lightweight means that you’ll hardly notice you are wearing it. As far as running is concerned, after some 2 and half hours, the fully charged phone can last you up till a month without turning the GPS on. This is a record that will be hard to beat by other watch manufacturers.

Furthermore, the watch records multi-sport data which is perfect if you’re a runner and a cyclist. Versatility seems to be Amazfit Bip’s main advantage.

Polar M200

In terms of design, Polar M200 is perhaps the cutest watch on our list. It is both compact and stylish like Galaxy S5, with a rubber band that won’t irritate your skin. Unlike its competitors, its connectivity does not end with Bluetooth, as it has a USB port, which is a rare feature in newer models. Its downside is the battery life that spans only 6 hours in GPS mode.

M200 is a watch that is intended to be worn all day, not just while you run. However, once you leave the house you’ll feel safe using its features like the built-in heart-rate sensor, a GPS that boasts admirable accuracy, and the standard notification system displaying calls, text messages, and e-mails. In addition, you have the option to download workout plans and monitor the subsequent training sessions.

Purchasing an affordable watch doesn’t mean that you will be forced to sacrifice any of the features of high-end models. The 5 sports watches we have shortlisted for you range anywhere from 80 to 200 dollars so read their reviews carefully before you make the final decision which one to buy.

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