How to Find a Duplicate Image Online Using Your Phone

It’s easy to find information on products and services, but when it comes to identifying images, you need a reverse image search.

A reverse image search is a computer technique that searches for similar images based on the picture you upload using colors, textures, and shapes instead of metadata like the file name, file size, tags, and description.

Best Reverse Image Search Tools for Smartphones

Several easy-to-use apps can help you find images using your Apple or Android smartphone. Let’s review some of them below.

Reverse Image Search – Duplichecker

You can easily search for a photo or an image with the reverse photo lookup by Duplichecker.

The website has gathered a lot of fame because of its free and reliable services. Since this is a cloud-based tool, you don’t have to worry about installation.

person holding black and silver camera doing a reverse image search for duplicate image online

All you have to do is visit Duplichecker Reverse Image Search in your web browser and upload your photo.

You can easily make a reverse image search on millions of images daily. There are no restrictions/limitations in the size, shape, format, or number of pictures on which you can search.

The image finder is easy to use, and you can try it out on your smartphone without installing an app.


CamFind is a basic but professional reverse image search available online through your browser or CamFind’s dedicated Apple or Android app.

Install the Android or iOS app on your smartphone. Then, upload an existing photo or take a new picture. CamFind will search millions of images and describe your uploaded image within seconds.


Veracity is another interesting visual search tool that can help you make a reverse image search on your photo library.

This tool integrates with your local hard drive and cloud accounts like Google Drive and Dropbox.

This smartphone-friendly reverse image search tool can also help you edit images, but you have to upgrade to the paid version of this tool for advanced features.

Veracity is known to be one of the best apps for iOS devices.

Photo Sherlock 

When you hear the phrase “photo sherlock,” you immediately know that it has something to do with image detection and hunting for clues.

Photo Sherlock is one of the best services to help you search with an image. It uses Google Image Search and Yandex to find pictures online.

man smoking smoking pipe

Suppose you want to find out if anyone else has used your image. Simply upload your image or take a new shot, and Photo Sherlock will show you all of the websites that are using that image.


TinEye is one of the oldest photo searching services available on the web.

They don’t offer a dedicated mobile application, but you can easily use it on any desktop or mobile browser. All you need is an internet connection and a basic understanding of the web to use it.

yellow and black bee on yellow flower showing a reverse image search to find duplicate images

TinEye can search by image, keywords, or even the image URL. TinEye results can be quickly sorted by:

  1. Best match
  2. Most changed
  3. Biggest image
  4. and newest/oldest

You can also filter across the top domains and collections.

Reverse Photo Search by SmallSEOTools 

Like all of the other SEO tools offered by this website, their reverse image service is also free and easy to use.

This tool can be used even by a layperson with no prior experience.

Reverse Photo Search by SmallSEOTools can cater to all three inputs, including images, keywords, and even an image URL.

The tool can find image plagiarism, relevant image content, and the details of their origin, ownership of the image, the copyrights, and even the fake accounts using profile pictures.

The tool has integrations with over three different image search engines, so the results are quite dense and accurate.

Find a Duplicate Image Online

If you want to find a duplicate image online or search for more information on an image from your mobile phone or desktop, any of these tools will work for you, and nearly all of them are free!

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