Top Tips For Creating A Good Explainer Video

Now, it’s much easier to attract attention to your product or brand. The latest tool in the marketer’s toolbox is explainer videos, where a team of specialists creates the animated explainer video according to your order.

The animated explainer video experts suggest several ideas for your project, and you get to pick the one you like most.

Explainer videos look simple, but a 30-second video hides numerous peculiarities. Experienced specialists in the animation and marketing fields will advise you and help create an effective animation.

How to Start Working on an Explainer Video

Creating good explainer videos is not easy, but the results are by all means worth the effort.

The main problem that all brands face is reduced interaction between the company and its potential clients.

The efficiency of an advertising campaign that includes explainer videos depends on a few points:

The Audience’s Wishes

To solve the buyers’ problem, you need to understand it. Without understanding their pain points, how will you create a video that helps them?

Top tips on creating a good explainer video.
Source: Explain Ninja. The animated video developers suggest a lot of ideas, but you will still have to decide on the right one.

Define the values and key contact points that will make it possible to come up with decent graphic content.

The Topic Approachability

It is sometimes difficult to talk about novelties, so you will need to thoroughly think over the video content.

First, write a script that will be understandable for the target audience.

Simple words, short sentences, and no complex phrases are the key to success.

The Visual Component

Your brand will become the audience’s favorite much faster if you use corporate colors and fonts throughout the video.

The graphic design should match your intentions to sway the viewer easily.

The Musical Accompaniment

You can’t develop a business explainer video without using sound effects.

You should take the audience’s musical tastes into account and prepare a suitable track.

The audio accompaniment plays one of the key roles, so you shouldn’t skimp on it.

The Budget to Spend

Professionally designed explainer videos are not cheap. Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock, especially if you have lots of special requests and changes.

Try to do as much of the work yourself to minimize payments to third parties.

You could do the voiceover work or research and share graphics instead of asking them to source them. Use templates whenever possible to speed up the design process.

Top tips on creating a good explainer video
Source: Explain Ninja. You can’t avoid financial expenses, so be ready to calculate the final cost in advance.

The explainer video duration doesn’t matter as long as you make sure the information provided is practical and easily understandable.

Concentrate on the key points and forget about additional useless data. If the prospect is interested, they will contact you or visit your website for more details.

The Worthy Developer – Explain Ninja

If all of this is way over your head, you’ll need a reliable, experienced agency to support you through your project.

The Explain Ninja company creates explainer videos for various enterprises, including well-known international brands.

You can easily check their work online or find explainer video ideas to help you with your project.

The company provides a portfolio containing efficient marketing solutions. With this portfolio, you won’t have to spend time searching for good ideas – everything you need is available on their website.

Creating an explainer video will have a positive effect on your business:

  • conversion rates are up 20%;
  • profitability increased;
  • the number of brand fans grows.

Cooperation with professionals guarantees that you will achieve the required result without unnecessary headaches and enormous costs.

Strict compliance with the wishes and requirements makes it possible to develop a high-quality product and later use it for network promotion.

As for the product demo video, they quickly go viral. The growing popularity and increasing brand awareness is a short path to success.

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