Best Android GPS Navigation Apps

If you want to turn your Android Smartphone or tablet into a tool for navigation and the default map apps are not enough to help you find your way, you will be happy to know that there is a wide range of apps that offer you advanced GPS navigation options. The apps in our list are the best solution for users that need a reliable tool for getting to your destination. Here are the most trustworthy apps that you can get to make your driving easier.

GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic
Sygic’s GPS Navigation & Maps is the most popular offline road GPS navigation app in the Play Store and it is easy to understand why. This app powered by TomTom maps is a reliable navigation solution for users around the world and internet is not needed as it works with GPS only. With Sygic’s app, you can get access to high quality TomTom maps offline for countries all over the world. You will also enjoy route planning and map updates.

If you upgrade to their Premium version, you get 3D maps, a voice navigation system that guides you through every turn and you can get suggestions for alternative routes instantly. It also notifies you of speed limits and warns you about speed cameras, sharp curves, road blocks and other things you need to be aware of, such as SOS assistance available near you. It allows you to search for address, postal code and GPS coordinates and you can share with others reports of road incidents.


Google Maps
Everyone has heard about this top- rated Android GPS Navigation app, which counts with over 500 million users across the world. For many, Google Maps sets the bar when it comes to mobile navigation apps, thanks to its easy to use interface and multiple views option, which include satellite and ordinary map. With Google maps you can enjoy maps from all around the world and you can find your location in the map easily. The app is suitable for multiple navigation modes including walking, cycling or driving.

With Google Maps you can save a place in your Android mobile device, upload it in the map or view them offline. It is also possible to customize navigation in order to avoid highways, see a list of possible routes and you get road incident reports. Google Maps stands out from other GPS navigation apps for its easy to use interface that lets you get different views, zoom in and out with one touch and offline access to the places that you have browsed through the map, as they are saved automatically.


Waze combines successfully a traffic navigation system with social networking features. You can customize your avatar and start contributing and sharing traffic updates, road incident reports and maps with other users around the world. The app starts collecting data when you have it open while you drive, sharing real-time traffic and road information with other members of you Waze local community. Waze also helps you plan routes and share with friends when you are planning a trip together to the same destination.

With this free app, you can get useful information about places in your area through the Waze community and enjoy the voice guided navigation feature. You can connect with others through Facebook and Foursquare and share your location. In summary, Waze is a fun and interactive way to find the right route to your destination or to stay up to date with what happens on the road


MapQuest: Maps, GPS & Traffic
If you are looking for a wide variety of options and exclusive features, you should take a look at this app. It allows you to use your voice to search for destinations and places, that way you can keep your attention on the road while your driving. It offers accurate maps and if you have an internet connection, you can share your current location with others via social networking sites, which is handy in case you are lost and need directions or assistance. The data about road accidents is updated every five minutes and you can even get information about the prices for fuel.

Other interesting feature include OpenStreet Map, Traffic updates and route optimization, international and satellite maps. The traffic situation, along route is taken into account when you get details for an alternative route and you can adjust your selection, whenever is needed. Maps, GPS & Traffic from MapQuest is available for free.


CoPilot Live Premium
You can get the version of CoPilot Live Premium that suits your location, as they offer specific apps for each continent. It offers offline maps of your region, which are stored on your Android device, so you can access them even if you don’t have an internet connection. It also features turn-by-turn voice guidance with technology that translates text to speech. You can also customize your route based on the type of vehicle that you are driving.

CoPilot Live also monitors live traffic to offer you updated information and it is suitable for navigation while you drive or walk. It also offers alternative routes that would reduce the time to get to your destination and 3D maps. You can also get re-route immediately and share information via Facebook or Twitter. CoPilot makes navigation easier and since it offers particular versions for each area, you can get information that is more specific. The prices for this app vary between $9.99 to $29.99, depending on the region.


OsmAnd + Maps &Navigation
This map and navigation app gives you access to the global, high-quality OpenStreetMap data and allows you to store it in the memory card of your Android device so that you can use it while you are not connected to internet. The main features such as routing, work with GPS so you do not need to be online to use them. It also offers voice guidance, turn-by-turn navigation, instant re-routing, quick search, constant map updates and quick search.

It also allows users to save places, find public transport stops, optional lane guidance, street names are displayed and it also provides an estimated time of arrival. It also counts with important safety features such as speed limit display and alerts when you exceed it, map zooming and the option to share your locations with friends and family in case you need their help. You can get OsmAnd + Maps &Navigation for $6.99.


BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS
This app allows you to navigate outdoors even where there are no paved roads or streets, making it a great companion for those who go on camping trips and need to find places when they are hiking, kayaking or in summary, exploring the wild. It uses topographic maps, which displays terrain using colour and contours, making them the right guide for navigation off-road.

You can also enjoy GPS way point/ coordinates input with latitude and longitude, trail maps to suit your outdoor activities and geocaching option, as well as marine maps. If you are an explorer at heart and need to get access to remote areas, BackCountry can be your guide for $9.99.


MapFactor: GPS Navigation
What makes MapFactor GPS Navigator unique is the fact that this free turn-by-turn navigation app, alerts you with sounds when you get close to speed cameras. It uses OpenStreetMap’s (the collaborative project to create a free updatable of the world) data and since the maps are stored in your device’s SD card, you will not need internet to access them.

It also offers GPS navigation in 2D and 3D modes, as well as quick search, the possibility to save your favourite location or to avoid routes, door to door route planning, quick search and intuitive voice navigation guidance in multiple languages. Additionally, you can get an overview of upcoming route changes that you may have to apply and distance to certain point.


Wisepilot GPS Navigator
Wisepilot offers you a navigation solution for your trip that can be customized, according to your needs. You get free basic features and the possibility of getting additional functions to create a navigation app that is right for you. The app is available in 25 languages, ensuring that it can be enjoyed by drivers worldwide. New users get free trial access to additional features for five days.

This efficient navigation app displays distance and estimated travel time, uses a 3D Worldwide map and live traffic and it also alerts you when a speed camera is nearby. You have the option of sharing information about your travel with your friends, including location and arrival time. It is possible to download maps and other navigation info can be stored in the cloud.


Maverick: GPS Navigation
This flexible app lets you use maps and GPS even when you do not have an internet connection and you can share your current location, as well as planed position on social networking sites, sending your address, GPS coordinates, linking to Google Maps. The integrated radar shows the direction, distance, as well as estimated time of arrival to a destination. This app is easy to use and its accurate maps are automatically updated.

Maverick offers a wide selection of worldwide maps, as well as region specific maps. Just like other apps, it allows you to save places you visit, supports Foursquare and enables GPS track in Google Earth. What makes Maverick a great option is the fact that you can navigate it easily. Get it for free in Google Play.


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