MoboPlayer for Android Plays Your Favorite Video Formats

Your Android phone, or any phone, for that matter, comes with a built-in audio and video player. While we’ve seen considerable improvements in these media players, they can’t always play unusual or rare video formats.

woman holding black android smartphone watching videos
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That’s where external or third-party media players, like MoboPlayer, come in and play your audio or video on your phone.

What is MoboPlayer?

MoboPlayer is an Android app that plays videos. It works with almost any video format, so think of it as the VLC player for your phone. It also comes with its own codecs, which encode and decode your videos to reduce storage space.

It has a clean design that allows you to browse your own gallery of videos and choose the video you want the app to play. You can also have the app scan for audio and videos itself in both phone memory and SD cards.

To play a video format that your phone’s player won’t play, you can simply use MoboPlayer in software decoding mode to play that video. In other words, there’s no video format in the world that you can’t access with this app.

MoboPlayer Features

Now that you understand the basics, let’s dive into the details.

MoboPlayer offers a lot of customization around how the video plays. You can change the app’s background while the video is playing and choose from various colors to customize the app’s look.

MoboPlayer App Screenshot


Unlike most phones, you can see the battery percentage and time remaining on top even while viewing videos in full-screen mode.

As mentioned earlier, codecs are used to play your videos. If you have a video with an odd extension, you need a codec to play them. MoboPlayer offers many codecs that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

The floating window is also a helpful feature as you can do other tasks while the video is still playing in a smaller window. Moreover, you can even set the size of this floating window according to your liking.

This feature is standard in most mobile media players except Apple iOS.

MoboPlayer Drawbacks

MoboPlayer, as a free media player, delivers very well. It covers the gaps in the capabilities of your Android phone’s default media player. If you compare it with other such media players, it will definitely stand out.

However, nothing is perfect, so there are areas for improvement for MoboPlayer as well. Its file management system is just not up to the mark. Finding your videos can be difficult, and sometimes it doesn’t scan your SD card or phone albums.

Can You Use MoboPlayer on PC?

Even though it’s an Android app designed for mobiles and tablets, you can use MoboPlayer for Windows. All you need is an Android emulator to run the app on your Windows PC.

You can download MEmu Play and install it on your machine. Within the emulator, launch the MEmu App Store, which basically has almost all the apps you see on Google Play Store. Or you could just find the app in Google Play Store.

Download and install the MoboPlayer app. Alternatively, you can also use the APK file to install the app within the emulator.

You can play videos from your computer by placing them in shared folders. There are several folders created by default that allow you to share files between Windows and Memu Play. There is similar functionality in other emulators as well.

Wrap Up

MoboPlayer is a great app that can run any video format. However, it’s limited to the Android platform, which means you’ll have to use an emulator if you want to run it on Windows or Mac.

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