Tips to fully enjoy your iPhone

Your iPhone becomes such an important part of your daily routine that you may think that you know every feature of your iPhone but there is always something else that you can learn to get the most of your device. There are simple things that you can do in order to improve your experience with your iPhone and enjoying it to the maximum. This list of tips will help you to take advantage of everything that your iPhone can do for you.

Simplify things with a swipe


Closing apps in iOS 7 takes only a few seconds, you just need to tap twice the home button and then swipe up on the thumbnail. A swipe from left to right from the edge of the screen can also be used for accessing all your inboxes in the mail app. You can also go back to a previous page and move to the next one in Safari, allowing you to go back to the search results page.


If you are having issue to get online, disable LTE

In general, LTE networks are super fast but occasionally, you may experience some trouble to access internet. While switching off LTE is not guaranteed to work every time, it does seem to help in many situations to ensure that you can get online when you need it the most. All you have to do is tap Settings, followed by Cellular and toggle off the switch to disable LTE.

Forget about folders, Spotlight is the way to go

Creating folders to organize your apps by theme or usability may seem like a good idea but in reality, it is not the best option. The simplest and easiest method to access your apps is Apple’s Spotlight Search. Your main apps would still be always available on the first or second screen but with Spotlight Search, you can locate anything else with just a few taps. From the home screen, swipe down from top of the display. Then start typing and iOS will recognize the app that you are referring to and limit the search.


Use the clipboard to dial a phone numbers

This is an easy workaround to use when your iPhone is not automatically recognizing phone numbers from Websites or in an email. All you have to do is to press for a few seconds the screen right on the phone number that you want to use and tap on Select. Move the posts to pick the number and then open the Phone app. Press for a while, drag towards the screen and tap Paste.


Turn up the volume using walls


The iPhone 5s has already a powerful speaker but if you want to get a louder sound, there is something that you can do without using a Bluetooth speaker. Simply place the iPhone near a wall, making sure that the bottom speaker is facing it. This is ideal when you want to boost the audio of your favourite music while you are working around the house, for example.


Find more ways to express what you want with Emoji

An image can say more than a thousand words, that is why smiley faces are so popular when you want to express how you feel in a short text or email message. Emoji is not available at first sight in your iPhone but following a few steps, you can get access to the wide range of emoticons that it offers. First, go to Settings, tap General and then Keyboard. Choose Keyboards and select Add New Keyboard. Scroll down and you will find Emoji.


Personalize Siri

If you are tired of having to repeat the name of your family and friends every time you want to text her using your voice, you can set up Siri to recognize phones by providing it with further details.  Keep the home button pressed for a few seconds and give Siri the information that you want it to remember. You can say a name and your relationship with that person to ensure that next time you have to text them, you do not need to say their full name. A simple “Text my mom” should do.


Access your drafts faster

Sometimes you need to prepare a message and save it without sending it. In order to access your drafts, you would normally have to go to your list of inboxes, choose the inbox you need and the hit Drafts. However, there is a faster way to find your drafts and that is keeping the Compose button pressed in the bottom right corner of the screen while viewing your list of messages. That will give you instant access to your drafts.


Adjust the size of your display

You do not have to put up with small text that is hard to read. All you need to do to increase the size of the text in apps and messages is to do the following: Tap Settings, select General and then Accessibility. In the centre of the screen select Larger Text and use the slider to adjust the size to your needs.


Close more than one app at a time

Usually, when you want to close an app in your iPhone, you need to double tap the Home button and drag the app you want to close towards the top of the screen. However, there is a way to close up to three apps at the same time. Just place three digits on the screen and swipe up in one go.

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