Best 5 Invoicing Apps for iPad

An invoice is not only a necessary document for you and your customers, it can also be a way to establish the image of your company. Some businesses give little importance to the visual aspect of invoices, but the truth is that the best organizations tend to ensure that the quality of their products is evident, even through a piece of paper – or a digital file – like an invoice.

That doesn’t mean that you have to invest a lot of time and money to create a great template for your invoices. Thanks to some very useful and efficient invoicing apps, you can come up with easy, smart and professional templates that will speak well of your business.

Of course, a good looking invoice is not everything. These apps can also offer efficient solutions to track costs and keep up to date with outstanding invoices. Some of the important aspects to keep in mind when it comes to invoicing apps include: Powerful customization features, fast and simple payment options, sharing and cost-tracking functions. In this article, we introduce you to some of the most simple and functional apps compatible with iPad, that will help you with your basic invoicing needs and even more.

Invoice ASAP

Invoice ASAPInvoice ASAP is a free app that makes invoicing simple, thanks to its quick and easy to use functions that allow you to manage the invoicing process effectively.

With this app, you can customize your invoices with your business logo, as well as adding photos and voice memos. It also offers good reporting features. accounting integration and customer management options.

It is compatible with QuickBooks and you can use it with different payment methods.


Zoho Invoice

Zoho InvoiceZoho Corporation’s app lets you email or print invoices easily and within seconds.

It has features that allow you to send reminders about outstanding payments, as well as personalized notes to your customers. It also lets you accept payments using diverse methods – including credit cards and online providers- and to keep track of expenses, organizing them under different categories.

This free app also enables you to create gorgeous templates for your invoices and quotes, to ensure that your customers get the best impression of your business.


Invoice2Go Plus

Invoice2Go PlusIf you want a billing solution that helps you to estimate costs, issue invoices and create reports without any hassle, Invoice2Go Plus from is the ideal option.

It allows you to create and preview invoices in your iPad and send them by email to your buyers. You can also keep track of unpaid invoices, create estimates and quotes, as well as keeping an eye on your stock and placing orders to your suppliers. The app’s focus is on useful options to get paid, rather than offering a wide variety of options to customize the invoices, but it still counts with over 20 templates and you can add your company’s logo.

The app is free to download and is also compatible with a wide range of convenient business apps.


Quick Sale

Quick Sale
Intellixense has created an app that gives you more control over the invoicing process. Not only it allows you to create and send invoices fast, but also helps you to keep track of stock and balances. It is possible to add your business logo to the invoices and to customize all the labels in the document to suit your needs. You can also create sales reports and manage customers’ information easily. The app is available fro $9.99 and there is also a Pro version that costs $19.99 and that lets your create quotes, capture signature, backup invoices to Dropbox and more.


Easy Books

Easy BooksGeode Software’s Easy Books is a widely used app that can help you with every aspect of bookkeeping and invoicing. It allows you to manage costs easily and it also helps with the creation of personalized invoices and delivery notes. You can send them by email, print them or sync to Dropbox. The free version allows you to get up to 120 transactions and you can upgrade to get unlimited usage for $42.99. For some features like Customer Invoicing and Time Tracking, you will also need to pay extra. While the cost of In-App Purchases is high, it is a good investment for those looking for a professional solution.


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