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ExpressVPN offers a fast connection from 100+ server locations, a simple installation process, and an easy-to-use tool to connect and disconnect your VPN session.

ExpressVPN has a clean, polished website with easy-to-use navigation, help documentation that actually helps, and support that, well, actually supports. They offer setup tutorials for all modern devices including Mac, Windows, Androis, iOS, and even PlayStation.

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ExpressVPN Software Connected to New YorkVPN installation on a Windows 10 machine couldn’t have been simpler. After signing up for an account we downloaded the software and installed it. There’s really not much to say here.


The VPN software automatically selected a VPN location that was nearby (New York) so that we would get the best connection speed while still hiding our identity, IP address, and location.

ExpressVPN has hundreds of locations available and even if there isn’t one in your country there should be one nearby that will allow you to connect and surf the Internet securely.

They have a nice article on how to pick the best VPN location for your needs here as well as a list of server locations.

Speed and Responsiveness

While the VPN was connected we ran some tests using the speed test at We have a 50 MB Verizon FiOS connection and we ran the tests from Western Pennsylvania.

DSLReports SpeedTest of ExpressVPN

Then, just for fun, we disconnected the VPN and switched the location to Amsterdam, Netherlands and got the following results.

DSLReports SpeedTest of ExpressVPN


One of the more interesting options was the ability to use a VPN on your cell phone. We didn’t get a chance to try it though.

Here are some other features included in your ExpressVPN subscription:

  • FREE ExpressVPN for your smartphone or tablet. Protect all your devices!
  • Dozens of server locations and hundreds of VPN servers
  • High speed connection optimized for your location
  • Unlimited bandwidth and no extra charges
  • Hide your IP address and stay anonymous every time you’re online
  • Access the websites and services you love with no restrictions

Security and Privacy

They use 256-bit encryption to secure all Internet traffic between your home and their server. This has the added benefit of hiding your IP address from the sites that you visit so you can surf anonymously.

While the VPN was running we checked our IP address a couple times and verified that it was different from our normal IP address by using

The “View log” option doesn’t have anything very useful to the average user. And to be very clear, it does not have a list of the sites you visited. It’s simply for troubleshooting.

ExpressVPN client version : 4.0.5
ExpressVPN client build :
Operating system version : win6.2.9200
Timestamp: 2015-11-05 00:16:15.9715238 -0500 EST
Activation code:
Cluster list file version: 20151105|1|
Cluster list download date: 2015-11-05 00:02:24.3672705 -0500 EST

We also sent an email from Microsoft Outlook and checked the message headers. Everything came from the VPN IP address and not our own.


Lots of easy to read support documentation on how to choose the best server location for your needs and how to troubleshoot slow connections.

They also have a great resource for how to connect to ExpressVPN using a variety of operating systems.

Referral Program

They offer a referral program so you can refer your friends for even more savings. Once you are signed in look for the referral link in your dashboard.


VPNs don’t have to be scary. This was one of the easiest we’ve used and the amount of documentation and support on their site is sure to answer any questions you may have.

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