Bitcoin Scam – Hi, my prey.

Have you received an extortion email asking you to send Bitcoin to a hacker so that they won’t release video of you watching porn?

It’s a scam.

We’ll tell you how the scam works and why you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Bitcoin Email Extortion Scam - Hi My Prey

We’ve received a lot of these scam emails lately. They are all written in terrible broken English. They are all really obvious scams. But somehow, people are falling for them and are sending them money!

The scam email varies a lot but the basic idea is:

  1. I have hacked your email or computer (sometimes with proof of your username and/or password – we’ll explain this below)
  2. I have access to your email, your webcam, or your files
  3. You are doing naughty things and if you don’t pay me hundreds of dollars in Bitcoin within 24-48 hours I will release the video or information

These types of emails are called phishing attacks. To prevent getting such emails, you should consider antivirus software that has phishing protection. Depending on what device you use, look into which companies offer the best protection for that device. If you are using an iPad, check out virus protection for iPad.

Sample Bitcoin Extortion Emails

Here are a few samples of the emails we have received at various email accounts. The links in the scam emails are safe — we added them. We linked them to so you could see how much money has been transferred through the scammer’s Bitcoin account.

Short Bitcoin Scam Email

Hi, my рrey.


I write you since I embed a trojan on the web site with pornography which you have viewed.
My trоjan сaрturеd all yоur privаtе dаtа and switсhed оn your саmera whiсh reсordеd thе асt оf yоur solitаry sex. Just аfter thаt thе trojan savеd yоur cоntасt list.
I will erаsе thе соmprоmising videо rеcоrds аnd information if you sеnd mе 300 EURO in bitcoin.

This is аddress for paymеnt :  1EaqpQL5AoCb6iuPhiRx1urzDV1MUo9AWd

I givе you 30 hours аftеr you open my mеssagе for mаking the pаymеnt.
Аs soоn аs you rеаd thе mеssаge I’ll sеe it right аwаy.
It is not necessary to tell mе thаt yоu hаvе sеnt money tо mе. This address is connесted to you, my systеm will erasеd automatiсally after trаnsfer confirmаtiоn.
If yоu nеed 48h just Ореn the cаlсulatоr оn your dеsktор аnd рrеss +++
If yоu dоn’t рay, I’ll sеnd dirt tо all your соntacts.
Lеt me remind you-I sее whаt you’rе doing!
You cаn visit the policе office but аnybody саn’t hеlp yоu.
If you try tо deсeive me , I’ll knоw it immеdiаtеly!
I don’t livе in yоur cоuntry. So anyоnе сan not track my locаtiоn еvеn fоr 9 mоnths.
bye. Don’t forget about the shаmе and tо ignоrе, Yоur life саn bе ruined.

Here’s another Bitcoin extortion email (this one is our favorite!)

For this one they actually included our email address and the password was our domain name without the “.com” on the end which was obviously wrong but it’s possible some people don’t realize how easy it is to hack passwords like that.


I have very bad news for you.
03/08/2018 – on this day I hacked your OS and got full access to your account
On this day your account {redacted} has password: {redacted: it wasn’t correct anyway}

So, you can change the password, yes.. But my malware intercepts it every time.

How I made it:
In the software of the router, through which you went online, was a vulnerability.
I just hacked this router and placed my malicious code on it.
When you went online, my trojan was installed on the OS of your device.

After that, I made a full dump of your disk (I have all your address book, history of viewing sites, all files, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts).

A month ago, I wanted to lock your device and ask for a not big amount of btc to unlock.
But I looked at the sites that you regularly visit, and I was shocked by what I saw!!!
I’m talk you about sites for adults.

I want to say – you are a BIG pervert. Your fantasy is shifted far away from the normal course!

And I got an idea….
I made a screenshot of the adult sites where you have fun (do you understand what it is about, huh?).
After that, I made a screenshot of your joys (using the camera of your device) and glued them together.
Turned out amazing! You are so spectacular!

I’m know that you would not like to show these screenshots to your friends, relatives or colleagues.
I think $771 is a very, very small amount for my silence.
Besides, I have been spying on you for so long, having spent a lot of time!

Pay ONLY in Bitcoins!
My BTC wallet: 1C5ZC3ggaSHpPwzN6NCiaftqvcY1BPb4DY

You do not know how to use bitcoins?
Enter a query in any search engine: “how to replenish btc wallet”.
It’s extremely easy

For this payment I give you two days (48 hours).
As soon as this letter is opened, the timer will work.

After payment, my virus and dirty screenshots with your enjoys will be self-destruct automatically.
If I do not receive from you the specified amount, then your device will be locked, and all your contacts will receive a screenshots with your “enjoys”.

I hope you understand your situation.
– Do not try to find and destroy my virus! (All your data, files and screenshots is already uploaded to a remote server)
– Do not try to contact me (you yourself will see that this is impossible, the sender address is automatically generated)
– Various security services will not help you; formatting a disk or destroying a device will not help, since your data is already >on a remote server.

P.S. You are not my single victim. so, I guarantee you that I will not disturb you again after payment!
This is the word of honor hacker

I also ask you to regularly update your antiviruses in the future. This way you will no longer fall into a similar situation.

Do not hold evil! I just do my job.
Good luck.

Barely Readable

The writing on this one is so bad that if we weren’t writing an article about bitcoin scams we probably would have deleted it.

Camera ready,Notification: 10.12.2018 08:10:36
Status: Waiting for Reply 44xuRaTy6A0f29wPnNmVkL7VrN3Vy73Hu5_Priority: Normal

Hello there,dear user of {redacted: they used the wrong email address anyway}

Dont make an attempt to get in touch or locate me, it is impossible, since I dispatched you an email message from your account.

Through your web mail, I have loaded malicious code to your Operating-system.
I preserved all of your contact list like good friends, co-workers, family as well as the complete history of sessions to the Online world sites.

During all your life u was notified to surf web catiously,but you didnt.Whats the metter?

You re guessing.So thats the thing that I adjusted the malicious soft on a web-site with videos for adults (Рorn web-page) (u know what Im talking about).

Sacrifice was watching video for adults and device tarted operating as rdp with keylogger function.Furthermore all cams and screen instantly started recording.Next my virus collected all ur contacts from messengers,e-mails and social networks.

So whatsup? I created the double screen vid (first part-screen rec.(you have a great taste lol),2nd part- camera rec.) and all ur contacts.I think its not good news. So I suppose that 570 usd is enough for ur smallwee mistake.

Here is My BITCOIN wallet address: 16foLw4hZR3CthAEMjTz1bbGaeKh8nNXdo

Ask internet how to buy it.It isnt very hard.Just write “Where can I get btc” Ill wait 1 day upon opening this letter(I set a special pixel in it,Ill see when you open it).If I don’t recieve the necessary amount All your contacts will recieve video with you Upon I receive btc- the сompromising evidence will be destroyed.If u desire me to send proofs,reply yeah and Ill 12 contacts Ive collected from u.

Can go to cops,but finding me will take longer than one day,im from Slovakia,so you will be shamed af.

Bomb Threat 2018

Someone wasn’t thinking when they sent out this mass email about threatening to detonate a bomb if the receiver doesn’t send Bitcoin. People called the police and it ended up in the news because they didn’t realize it was a scam.

But this person has really eff’d up. Most people that received the scam emails above would simply call their trusted IT support person or family member to see if it was real. Some might even pay the ransom.

But once you threaten to blow up their office building — now they are going to involve the police and the feds are going to get involved too. These idiots probably didn’t hide their tracks that well and are going to face some serious jail time.

I write you to inform you that my recruited person has hidden a bomb (Tetryl) in the building where your business is located. It is constructed according to my guide. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is impossible to destroy the structure of the building by this explosive device, but if it explodes there will be many wounded people.
My recruited person is watching the situation around the building. If he notices any suspicious activity or policemen the bomb will be blown up.
I can withdraw my man if you make a transfer. You pay me 20.000 $ in Bitcoin and explosive will not detonate, but do not try to cheat -I assure you that I will call off my man solely after 3 confirmations in blockchain network.

My payment details (btc address): 1P3cNFy3SdfZ8PvMSdgLRcb2TtaLvxfqat

You must send bitcoins by the end of the workday. If the working day is over and people start leaving the building the bomb will detonate.
Nothing personal this is just a business, if I do not receive the bitcoin and the bomb explodes, other commercial enterprises will transfer me a lot more, because it is not a single case.
For security and anonymity , I will not enter this email account. I check my Bitcoin wallet every thirty-five minutes and if I see the bitcoins I will order my man to leave your district.

If an explosion occurred and the authorities notice this message- We arent terrorists and do not take any responsibility for explosions in other buildings.

How Do They Know My Password?

They (probably) don’t.

They are using emails and passwords gathered from previous security breaches like the one from Target in 2013 or the one from Equifax in 2017.

Or the one from Yahoo in…actually Yahoo gets hacked almost daily so you might want to switch to ProtonMail instead. Yahoo email sucks.

You can check sites like Have I Been Pwned (“pwned” is a gamer-term with a typographical error which is commonly known to mean “owned” or “controlled”) to see if your email address was involved in a high-profile security breach.

Even if you don’t find your email on the list it’s possible that you were compromised in some other way.

At any rate, change your password immediately (don’t use one that you’ve already used elsewhere – see below for suggestions) and delete the scammer’s email.

What Do I Do Next?

If the thought of someone knowing your username and password has scared you then good. Now is a great time to take action.

Don’t Reply to the Email

Don’t bother replying to their email. The scammer has hacked/hijacked someone else’s website and are using their domain name to send the message to you. The scammers aren’t expecting a reply. They just want people to send money to their Bitcoin address.

If you try to respond to the email it will either bounce back to you (because it’s not a real email address) or the owner of the domain/website will be shocked and confused because they are not the person sending these emails.

Should I Notify The Domain Owner?

Sure, if you’re feeling generous. But most of the sites that are hacked are expired or have been given up a long time ago. The scammers are using them because the domain still has a positive email reputation to help their message get into your Inbox rather than your Junk Mail.

Don’t Send Scammers Bitcoin

It doesn’t matter if you look at pr0n online or if you suspect there’s a virus on your computer — don’t send these people your money. They don’t have ANY videos of you. They won’t share anything online. Just ignore them.

Be sure to warn any older friends or relatives about this scam so that they don’t send these scammers Bitcoin/money either.

Install AntiVirus (AV) Software

Windows PCs and Macs can both be compromised by hackers and scammers. Install AntiVirus software and make sure it runs every day.

There are two types of AntiVirus software – the kind that you have to run manually and the kind that runs constantly.

Manual AV Software

This type of AntiVirus software is usually free and doesn’t run constantly, meaning, it doesn’t protect your computer 24/7. You have to manually run it or it will run once per day/week/month to see if you’ve downloaded any malicious software or viruses.

Pros: It’s free

Cons: It’s free. If you accidentally visit a malicious website, the website may download a virus onto your computer before you have a chance to react. Real-time AntiVirus scanners will catch this type of attack and block it. Free AntiVirus scanners will allow the attack to happen and then try to clean it up when you run the next scan.

Continuous AV Software

This type of AntiVirus software requires an annual subscription and is supplied by vendors like Symantec (Norton), AVG, Sophos, MalwareBytes, Avast, Windows Defender, etc. These types of scanners run constantly to make sure that you are protected 24/7.

Pros: It helps keeps you safe online but you still need to be vigilant and informed.

Cons: You have to pay ~$40 for it every year. That’s roughly $0.11 per day to keep you and your memories safe.

Clean Your Computer

Hire a professional to review your computer for viruses and malicious software. Uninstall any games or suspicious software that you’ve downloaded over the past several months.

If you need assistance contact our parent company,, for help securing your computer.

Change Your Passwords

If you use the same password for several websites then you’re just begging to be robbed.

We know it’s difficult, but you need to use a different password for every website you visit.

Password Managers like 1Password Password Manager for Families, Businesses, and Teams, LastPass, Cyclonis, KeePass, etc. will help you create strong passwords that are secured by a very strong master password.

Backup Your Computer

If you have a computer then you need backups. If you’re not backing up your computer then you risk losing everything.

Disasters like fires, floods, and hurricanes are not the only things that can destroy your files, photos, and memories.

Hackers, viruses, and hardware failures are much more likely to destroy your computer than a natural disaster.

So backup your computer every day with automated online backup services like Backblaze.

Or adjust your process to save everything to your Dropbox so that you can get to it from any location and restore it if your house burns down.

What If I Already Paid Them?

Congratulations! You just earned a “life-lesson” badge!

But seriously, there’s very little that you can do to get your money back or get revenge on the scammers. Use your rage to secure your computer(s) and limit access to your personal files/life.

To keep it from happening in the future please contact us or our parent company,, for advice.

Please Share With Others

Like it or not, your older friends, relatives, and parents still look at pr0n so please share this article with them so they don’t get scammed.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than elderly people getting scammed out of money that took a lifetime to earn.

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