Top Password Manager Apps

Even though a golden rule of online security is to use different passwords on every website and ensure that they are secure, it can be challenging to remember all your password and login details. If you opt for using the same password, you are putting at risk all your profiles, but if you follow high-security measures and select complex passwords for each site you use, things can get confusing, and you may end up losing access to your accounts.

The solution is to use a password manager app because they can store thousands of passwords, log-ins, and personal details safely. Additionally, they offer you easy access to the encrypted data vault in which your information is kept.

These are the top password manager apps

LastPass Premium

LastPass is recognized as a top password manager app for desktop computers, but it also offers a mobile version, available for free for those who are subscribed to their premium service.

The LastPass Premium app is available for Android, Windows Phone 8, and iOS, and it features a secure password generator, password vault, and a browser with an auto-fill option.

It also supports multi-password syncing, and you can use it to automatically fill in your login details and passwords in the websites you visit, except when you are using Safari.

To access the mobile app, you can subscribe to LastPass Premium for just $24 per year.


When it comes to top password manager apps, 1Password is always in the top 5.

1Password lets you lock all your passwords and personal details with one master password to make things simple. It also comes with a password generator that allows you to set up and keep strong passwords.

The app features an integrated browser that supports the auto-filling of forms.

1Password is free for Android and costs $17.99 (you only have to pay once, there are no subscriptions) to download for iOS, but this is explained by the difference in the app’s functionality in the two operating systems.

In Android, the apps work mainly as a 1Password reader that enables access to data originally created in other platforms such as a Mac. In iOS, you can sync the encrypted data stored in 1Password’s vault with multiple devices.


This free password manager also offers a digital wallet and is compatible with iOS and Android.

It has a storage vault where you can enter, protect, and store passwords as well as personal details.

Dashlane also has a built-in browser with an additional keyboard and auto-fill functions. If you opt for the $29.99 per year premium service, you will be able to enjoy full data backup and multi-device syncing.


RoboForm is one of the best password management apps that offer an encrypted vault to store passwords and other sensitive data.

With RoboForm, you can enjoy multi-device syncing and an integrated browser that lets you fill in forms and logins automatically.

The app is available for Android, Windows Phone 8, and iOS. The password generator feature is available in the Android version and will also be included soon for iOS. You can get it for free or get a license for $9.95 per year to enjoy all it can offer.


With OneSafe, you can keep your passwords protected, as well as other personal details with a master password, and you can create additional passwords for selected folders and categories.

There is a password generator option so you can create and save new login details fast and easily.

You can back up data stored in services like Dropbox and email, and if it is detected that someone has attempted to guess your master password to access your secured data, there is a self-destruct feature.

OneSafe is available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. The iOS version has a browser feature that is handy for auto-filling forms and logins, and the Windows Phone version is available for just $1.99, while for the rest of mobile OS, it costs $5.99.


This app lets you manage and store passwords and personal data securely. It is an easy-to-use management system that also offers a password generator to help you create secure passwords quickly.

Keeper has an auto-fill option to enter login details in your favorite websites easily, and it can also remember new passwords. You can download Keeper for free for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and even desktop, but you can also subscribe to their premium plans for cloud backup and device syncing.

Prices for the cloud plans range from $9.99 per year for individuals to $59.99 per year for businesses, and they offer complete backup and protection.


You can also store important login information and personal data and lock it with one master password with mSecure, an app that works with Android and iOS. The information kept in the encrypted vault can be copied or used for the auto-filling option supported by the built-in browser.

With the password generator, you can establish a secure password and store them. mSecure also offers a wide variety of backup options for local or remote cloud storage.

Just like OpenSafe, it has a self-destruct function that will activate when it detects that someone attempts to guess your password to access the encrypted vault. Getting mSecure will cost you $9.99.

Our Thoughts

There are several top password manager apps, but new ones are being added every year. We will revisit this article and add or remove apps as needed, so bookmark us if you want to try something new in the future!

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