MyPCBackup Review

mypcbackup logoEvery photo, video, and document that we store in our computers represents an important part of our lives. There are unique pictures or videos that capture a moment that cannot be repeated. There are crucial documents and files that took a lot of time and effort to create. Losing any of these files would be devastating which is why backing up is essential for individuals and businesses.

Unfortunately, many people ignore the importance of backing up their data or they simply see it as a complicated and time consuming task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way and thanks to online backup services, keeping your data safe can be really simple.

MyPCBackup is one of the options available if you want to enjoy a practical and safe way to ensure that your memories and work are kept for as long as you need them. Read more in our MyPCBackup review.

Getting Started With MyPCBackup

UK based company Just Develop It, the same name behind JustCloud, created MyPCBackup with the purpose of offering a simple, yet complete service with a remarkable interface and convenient mobile features.

The experience and strong technical background of the team that developed MyPCBackup are reflected in the application’s smart design. The web portal and the desktop application work very well and can be managed without any hassle. It is clear that the main goal of MyPCBackup is to provide an easy and practical solution for backing up all the data that matters to you.

While there is an option available for business users, MyPCBackup is more suitable for individual users.

MyPCBackup is compatible with platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Downloading the desktop version only takes a few seconds and the set up process is very simple. You are only required to enter your email address, your name and a password.

In order to discover what MyPCBackup can do, you can opt for a free trial that lasts 14 days and you won’t even need to provide financial details. Once you have downloaded MyPCBackup, you will be ready to back up your important files in order to avoid losing them. By default, the program includes folders like Documents and Pictures in the backup process. In terms of speed, MyPCBackup offers decent performance that ensures that you can backup a large numbers of photos and documents in a matter of minutes.

Backup Plans And Pricing

There are a variety of plans that would suit different requirements. The pricing is organized according to the subscription length and the amount of space you need.

Home Plan

The most basic option is the Home plan which provides 75GB for $107.71 for two years, which means that you would only pay $4.49 per month.

Premium Plan

The next plan is the Premium, which gives you 250GB for a bi-annual price of $118.85. This means that monthly price for this backup service would be $4.95.

Unlimited Plan

Then there is the Unlimited plan, which as the name suggests would give you as much space as you want for $166.85 for two years, which is $6.95 per month. You can also set up your subscription for one year, six months or per month.

Business Plan

These plans allow you to backup one computer so if you need to backup multiple devices you would need to choose a Business plan. The options here start at $29.99 per month for 5 computers with 100GB of storage space.

How Does it Work

MyPCBackup includes all the features that you require from a service of its type including the possibility of syncing files across devices, accessing your files from an online account, sharing data, restoring your entire computer and backing up any type of file.

MyPCBackup can be set up automatically to ensure that you can focus on other tasks while the service takes care of your files. The software chooses the most common folders (Documents and Pictures) by default, but you can also specify the files that you wish to include in the backup process manually. The backup can be scheduled to take place on a particular day, every week, every month or even every hour.

Unlimited file versioning is also available, which ensures that you can retrieve a previous version of a file in case you accidentally deleted or edited it. Once you access your MyPCBackup account online you will be able to access a list of versions of the file.

While you can backup the most common types of files, there is a size limit of 5GB per file. With MyPCBackup you can also determine how much of your computer system’s resources should be allocated to the backup process. All you need to do is to click the Power & CPU tab under Settings and adjust the slider.

You can decide if you want to use as much resources as possible to make the backup faster, or if you need to focus them on another task. You can also set up the backup to take place when the computer is not being used.

MyPCBackup is also committed to keeping your data secure and it uses HTTPS to transmit your files to the cloud. The data is stored in highly secure Amazon S3 facilities using 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee that your information remains safe. Only you will be able to access your files from your online account, where you can easily get to options like the sync folder and see backup history.

Customer Support

MyPCBackup covers practically every front when it comes to providing support for its customers. There is phone support available for billing queries, as well as email and live chat support for technical questions. The website also provides an extensive selection of information and a comprehensive FAQ that will help you to learn more about different aspects of the service.


The main advantages of MyPCBackup are its ease of use, competitive price and the fact that it includes the main functions that you will need to protect, access and manage your files, such as file sharing and syncing. However, compared to other services, MyPCBackup may not be as fast and efficient, particularly when it comes to restoring your entire computer. Another issue is that many features come with an additional fee and some charges are not clear during sign up. Regardless of the drawbacks, MyPCBackup is still a solution that would suit individual users that need a secure online backup.

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