Best VPN for Canada

Canada is known for protecting the rights to privacy and freedom of speech of its citizens and for offering an open and unrestricted internet network. Unlike other countries where the risks of censorship and government surveillance are constantly lurking, Canada offers generally safe internet access where people can communicate and express themselves freely. However, that does not mean that users are completely immune to eavesdropping which is why it is better to count on the protection that a VPN can provide. Using a VPN offers other benefits such as being able to access websites and services that are not available in Canada.

Additionally, for users outside Canada, there are many advantages of using an IP from this country to connect to the internet. The fact that Canada offers a network where freedom and privacy are respected (for instance, ISPs are not required to keep logs) will appeal to many users that are looking for a better internet experience. Canadians living abroad will also find VPN services useful as they allow them to continue watching their favorite shows and access websites from their country, no matter where they are. We have selected the best VPN providers that have servers in Canada and that offer a secure and flexible internet connection.

PrivateInternetAccess (PIA)

Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access or PIA is recognized for offering innovation through its service, which has enabled the company to stay on the list of the top VPN providers. While PIA offers advanced security features, the installation process remains simple. They provide high encryption, DNS leak protection, and solid performance. Private Internet Access has servers in Canada and accepts Bitcoins, which is the preferred payment method for privacy-conscious users. Overall, Private Internet Access offers good value for money and gives users the chance to enjoy a fast and secure way to access media content and browse the internet.


PureVPN Service

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PureVPN is a leading provider that allows users in Canada to enjoy a versatile and secure internet connection. It is also a good solution for users that want to use a server in Canada, in order to access content that is only available there or to ensure that they can navigate the internet freely. PureVPN has a user-friendly interface and the website includes detailed tutorials. They have a remarkable network of servers located in over 60 countries including Canada, where you can connect to servers in Vancouver and Quebec.

VyprVPN (Read Vyprvpn Review or Visit Vyprvpn Site)


VyprVPN provides a fast and secure service that is part of Golden Frog, a company known for its strong commitment to internet freedom. When you choose VyprVPN, you get great encryption and advanced technology to ensure that you can browse the internet safely. Some of the features included are NAT firewall and free cloud storage through their partner service Dump Truck. Their Chameleon technology, which can avoid firewalls and ISP blocks is another impressive addition to their service. Their plans are reasonably priced and with the dynamic switching option, you are can enjoy a smooth connection as overloading or unavailable servers are avoided.


Affordable, secure, and fast. With these credentials, it is not strange that ibVPN is on the right path to becoming a leading provider in the VPN industry. They do not keep logs and offer a dedicated service for torrents. ibVPN’s software is basic but is very easy to use and works well, making it ideal for users that are new to the VPN technology. They also offer useful step-by-step guides to help you through the configuration process. This is a simple solution that protects your connection effectively while allowing you to enjoy online surfing without restrictions.


Based in Canada, BTGuard is a secure option for users that want to stream and download content without any hassle. While they do not have an extensive selection of servers, their basic network allows them to cover three continents ensuring that users across the world can enjoy their service. BTGuard is easy to set up and supports secure protocols such as OpenVPN. The company has a plan designed to hide your IP for torrent downloads, as well as a complete VPN service that secures the data you transfer online. BTGuard’s strong no-logging policy ensures that your anonymity is safe at all times.

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