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Commitment to privacy protection

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CyberGhost VPN is a Virtual Private Networking provider known for the advanced technology of its service and its dedication to privacy protection. The company is based in Romania but also has presence in Germany and it has become the preferred option for a large base of users that are looking for online freedom and security.

Its free VPN service has gained a lot of attention due to the solid set of features that it offers, but CyberGhost also provides affordable Premium VPN plans with a wider range of options and flexibility.

CyberGhost VPN managed to establish themselves through a strong, fun and reliable image that portrays their commitment to privacy online, as well as their passion for helping their users to enjoy online surfing without limits. To find out more about CyberGhost, keep reading our review and discover why it has become one of the most popular companies in the industry.


CyberGhost offers a good looking interface that is also very easy to use and the VPN client is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The free plan offers a mobile app for Android and in terms of protocols, OpenVPN is the only option available. The premium plans also support PPTP and L2TP/ IPsec, as well as compatibility with iOS and Android. CyberGhost offers a high level of encryption of AES 256-but, which is used in both premium and free plans. Apart from less compatibility options and limited access to servers, the free plan also comes with ads and users are automatically disconnected after 5 hours.

While you get unlimited bandwidth across plans, the speed in the free service is limited to 1Mb per second and you are connected between servers randomly. It is still quite good for an unpaid service and it gives you the possibility of surfing internet safely. The Premium plans offer a considerably faster connection through built-in data compression, which allows a better performance when streaming content and playing online games.

A Kill switch function is included to ensure that your traffic is secure, even if the VPN connection drops. If there is any issue with the VPN, your internet connection will be disabled to keep your data protected. If you are a Premium plan user, your connection will be automatically restored once the VPN starts working again. The Antispy add-on section in their client, gives you the option of managing your personal security settings, which ensures that you have as stronger control over your privacy. You can delete information about the last files used, stop error reporting or disable Windows Messenger when you start Outlook Express.

CyberGhost is recognized for its commitment to help user to defend their right to privacy and online anonymity. In order to create an account, you are not asked to provide an email address or other personal identifiable information. The data you provide would not compromise your anonymity. This offers a stronger sense of confidence for users that want to be able to use internet safely and without censorship. Furthermore, the company does not keep logs your web browsing activity or online conversations. Only anonymous connection logs are kept but they are deleted after 24 hours.


The Premium and Premium Plus plans are the paid options for users that want to upgrade from the free VPN. The main difference between the Premium packages is that Premium Plus gives you the option to connect to up to 5 devices at the same time.

PlanFreePremiumPremium Plus
EncryptionAES 256-BITAES 256-BITAES 256-BIT
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, AndroidWindows, Mac, AndroidWindows, Mac, Android
Devices1 Device1 DeviceSimultaneous usage on 5 devices
Payment OptionsBitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, PayPalBitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, PayPalBitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, PayPal
Cost$0 (ad supported)$5.83 billed annually or $6.99 month-to-month$9.16 billed annually or $10.99 month-to-month

This makes the service highly affordable, considering the features available. Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment and in some countries, users can pay with cash in selected stores. CyberGhost also comes with a free web proxy that lets you browse internet anonymously and access websites blocked in your region without requiring a subscription.

Leader in online privacy

The company strives to be a leader in online privacy protection and it is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to establish their own data center that would serve as the first NoSpy proxy node. This would ensure that their servers are safe from NSA or hacker invasions, guaranteeing the privacy and security of all their users. So far, the campaign has been quite successful and it seems like CyberGhost will manage to secure the funds required to bring the project to life. At the moment, users can participate in the Indiegogo campaign by purchasing a 12 month Premium plan that starts at €37 or by choosing one of the options to contribute listed in Indiegogo.

Server locations

The free VPN service gives you the chance to access 47 servers located in 15 countries, while the Premium plans allow you to connect to over 500 servers located in 30 countries. The free VPN lets you connect to servers in Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Romania, Germany and United States and with the paid plans you can access all of them, plus servers located in Sweden, Singapore, Russia and Hong Kong.

Customer Support

The first thing you notice when visiting CyberGhost’s website is the attractive design and energetic approach that they put on their image. They portray approach-ability and a modern look that has gained the trust of users that stand by freedom of speech online and the right to privacy. The site offers a great deal of information but it may be overwhelming at times and not very easy to locate. You can contact their customer support team via ticket or email and you can expect a response within 48 hours, although occasionally they are faster than that. There is also a live chat that is available from Monday to Friday during business hours. The team is very friendly and helpful but we would like to see them speeding up the time of response.


CyberGhost is already a strong VPN option and it continues consolidating its image through technology improvements and additional features that add versatility to its service. The free VPN is a good solution for many users but the Premium plans offer superior speed and flexibility. The company is reliable and the overall service is satisfactory. It is easy to see that CyberGhost is on the way to become a leading force in the VPN industry.

Updated: 2015-11-20

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