Benefits of Fitness Gadgets: Why You Should Try Activity Trackers

In the era of high-tech gadgets you might wonder why you need fitness and running trackers when you already have a smartphone and an armband to wear it. However, a smartphone is not designed for running and cannot track as much data as a dedicated pro tracker can.

This little fitness gadget feels comfortable against your skin and it provides you with real-time data that would otherwise be inaccessible. People who are passionate about running want the best activity trackers models on the market.

As personal as it gets

The best thing about activity trackers is the fact that you are the one selecting programs. Yes, they are pre-made but once you input personal data, the programming generated by them provides you with a workout or a fitness plan that is one of a kind. If you went to a personal trainer or joined a sports club, they would be able to customize your personal preferences only to a certain extent.

With activity trackers you get an aid that is 100% tailored to your needs and, although this gadget is inanimate, you’ll feel as if you have support.

Not for show

Have you ever had a bad day at the gym and decided to take a selfie to show the world how great you were doing, even though that’s not the truth? You can’t do that with a dedicated fitness/activity tracker – and that’s a good thing! You can stay focused on your exercise and training without the distractions of social media, selfies, text messages, and other nonsense.

The only person you have to impress while wearing an armband is yourself. This means that an activity tracker poises you in a battle against your willpower, which is the only struggle relevant to achieving your fitness goals.


A typical activity tracker comes with a variety of features, all of which are aimed at improving your performance. Unlike a smartphone, there are no apps or functions that can serve as a distraction. The most common features in an activity tracker include weight loss, calorie counters, average speed, top speed, a flashlight, a memo app, and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

The ones you actually use are based on your current sports activity. Even walking counts as physical exercise so a pedometer is one of the most frequently used functions of an activity tracker.

Helping you lose weight

An activity tracker can be used for the purpose of improving your health as well. For many obese people, it would be unimaginable to start the fight for a slimmer body and a healthier metabolism without such a useful gizmo. You can track the changes in your total body weight, as well as measure the calorie intake, even getting advice on what type of food to eat.

Some apps even come with a virtual scale, like FitBit’s products.

Speaking of brand names, it is useful to conduct some research on the difference between FitBit and JawBone so you would select the activity tracker that best matches your fitness goals. Some people want to run faster while others are happy with losing a few pounds.

A sleeping experiment

You might have come across an ad or two looking for sleep test subjects. However, finding out the quality of your sleep does not require you to travel to a research facility. Modern activity trackers can monitor the way you sleep (and rest) as well. They track all your moves in the bed, including all that fidgeting before you finally enter the land of dreams.

There are several sleep cycles during the night and by measuring your activity, or better to say inactivity, during those time a tracker can tell you how well you sleep. After all, sleep is an essential part of working out because your muscles actually grow when they are dormant.

Tracking and socializing

So far, we have only been referring to activity trackers as a means of personal motivation for improved fitness results. However, you are not lifting weights or jogging in a vacuum, as other people have activity trackers too. In fact, the readings provided by the tracker can be an excellent conversation topic, both at work and at home.

If all the members of your family get trackers, then they can compare results and kids might be rewarded by their parents if they make a minimum number of steps per day. Trackers are an excellent way to break the ice at work and perhaps get closer to a person in charge of your potential promotion. Long gone are the days when smoking was the only way to socialize at work!

There are many more reasons why activity trackers are popular nowadays but it is impossible to list them all. In fact, once you get your first tracker, you are bound to discover ways it will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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