5 Reasons Why You Need A VPN

The popularity of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) has rapidly increased over recent years. Using a VPN allows you to access the internet anonymously by re-routing you through a different server, mimicking a private network connection, and encrypting your data on the way. Here are a few of the reasons why you need a VPN.

Data Protection

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VPNs are becoming an essential feature for those looking to use public WiFi. This is because public networks provide an insecure connection and leave your personal data vulnerable to malicious hackers. Using a VPN mimics having a private connection and creates a tunnel between your computer and the server, encrypting all of your data along the way. This means that you can enter credit card information, login details, or send personal emails without having to worry about them being intercepted and stolen.

Protection from Malware

Although anti-virus and firewall software can protect your data while it’s on your computer, both of these security features still leave you vulnerable to contracting malware when traffic is in transit. By protecting your connection no matter where you are or what device you are using, you can safeguard yourself from nasty malware invasions before they get anywhere near your actual computer. Many VPN providers also offer built-in malware protection to enhance your security even further.


Anyone who travels regularly has probably fallen victim to geo-blocking. Whether it’s trying to access American Netflix overseas or getting around Facebook censorship in countries with stricter internet regulations, geo-blocking is becoming more prevalent in our global society. Fortunately, using a VPN can easily bypass this problem. The VPN hides your original IP address—which gives your device its location—and replaces it with a new one from the VPN server. This means you can access content no matter where you are, as your device’s internet connection is registered as being somewhere else.

Safe Torrenting

With many countries clamping down on their torrenting laws, VPNs are becoming essential for those looking to continue to download. Since Australia’s law changes to target ISPs and pirate websites earlier this year, their VPN use has increased by an outstanding 500 percent. This is because using a VPN allows you to access the internet anonymously—again by using a fake IP address—while also encrypting all of your data and activity so your internet use and the websites you access cannot be tracked. By simply installing a VPN, you can torrent freely without the worry of government intrusion or legal repercussions.

Government Surveillance Programs and Cyber Espionage

Since Edward Snowden’s NSA snooping revelations, increasingly more people have become concerned about government organizations spying on their online activity. Not only is it seen as a devastating breach of privacy, but it also goes against our basic human rights. With many new laws looking to be set in place to allow for further tracking of our online activity under the guise of anti-terror orders—such as Britain’s “Snoopers Charter” — it’s becoming more important than ever that citizens find a way to protect themselves. Although there is no real way we can stop these controversial acts from being passed, by using a VPN, we can hide our online activity and regain our basic human right to privacy.

With the ever-growing digital world, the potential of our online activity is greater than ever before, but so are the risks. With so many potential threats out there, you should be sure to invest in a good VPN to dramatically increase your internet security!

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