VideoStory by Bits&Coffee: An iOS app that allows you to create slideshows with your Instagram photos

A slideshow is always a great way to showcase your photos and since Instagram is the most popular way to share your favorite images.

With VideoStory, you can let your creativity flow while organizing your photos. It allows you to customize every aspect of your slideshows to make sure that you can let the images tell a story in your own way.

VideoStory is ideal for sharing pictures from an special occasion, from your holidays or any event and you can add music, text, effects and more.

This app from Bits&Coffee is easy to use and gives you a wide range of possibilities for create captivating photo slides using images from your Camera Roll or from Instagram.

Even though VideoStory is not a professional video-creating app and its features may seem limited for users that require advanced options, it still offers enough functionality to personalize your photo slideshows.


VideoStory will appeal users that want their photos to bring their memories to life using beautiful slideshows with music and other cool features.

Even though you can use images from the Photos app or the Camera Roll, VideoStory is mainly designed for using photos from Instagram.

This explains the lack of options to edit the photos. All you can do is move and crop the image to arrange what part of it will appear in the video.

With the free version of VideoStory, you can create photo clips of up to 15 seconds and customize them for Instagram. It’s possible to organize multiple photos at the same time and you can import photos from your Instagram account.

Once your video is created, you can add background music from iTunes, customize the text tile, and post the video to Instagram.

There are additional features that you can purchase within the app for just $0.99 including:

  • The option to select when the music starts playing in your slideshow
  • A fade in/ fade out option for the audio
  • Volume adjustment
  • Auto Delay Feature for Instagram photos
  • Effects like: Push left, Push Down, Zoom out and Fade
  • Save your work in progress and finish it later

VideoStory is a good choice for those who do not require advanced features and are mainly looking for an app to create an Instagram photo slideshow without complications.

It allows you to organize your photos, make them appealing, and share them in an interesting way.

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