Total Defense Online Backup Review

Total Defense Online BackupThere are many reasons to opt for an online backup service as the best method to prevent data loss. One of them is that copying your files to the cloud will protect them from natural disasters like fire, or floods. Computers and external drives can get damaged by these kind of events and you could end up losing all the files stored there. Online backup services have got you covered in case of any unexpected event that could result in data loss. They allow you to keep your information safe and easy to restore, no matter what happens.

There is something for everyone in the world of online backup services so you can expect to find the best solution for your needs and budget. Online backup services have become so popular that many reputable companies that have solid experience in other areas, have decided to venture in this industry. Total Defense is a well established developer of internet security solutions, which also offers an easy to use and flexible solution to back up your data. In this review, you will find more about Total Defense Online Backup.

Getting Started

Total Defense Online Backup aims to provide a simple solution to safeguard all the files that matter to you, including your photos, music and documents. It allows you to backup and to restore your data with incredible flexibility and thanks to its powerful features and intuitive interface, you can easily avoid losing all the information and valuable memories that you have accumulated throughout the years. Unfortunately, the compatibility is limited as the service doesn’t work with Mac OS X, Linux or iOS. Still, it is a very good option for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 users and there are mobile apps available for Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

The are plans to suit the needs of any user, starting with a 10GB plan that costs $49.99 per year and that would be a good option for a home user that only needs to protect a few personal files. For 25GB, you pay $59.99 per year and if you want to double that storage space, you can spend $79.99 per year in the 50GB plan. Users with higher storage needs can opt for the 100GB, or 250 GB plans which are priced at $149.99/ year and $374.99/ year respectively. All plans allow you to backup as many computers as you want, using the same account.

The installation wizard is easy to follow and allows you to get the program ready to go in just a matter of minutes. Once Total Defense Online Backup is running in your computer, you will also see that the interface can be controlled without complications. The software clearly aims to make every step of the process very clear to ensure that even those who lack any technical skills, can backup their data with only a few steps. You can effectively protect your crucial files, even if you are new to the world of online backup services.

The flexible scheduling option allow you to set up backup tasks to take place every week, every day, or as often as required. You can backup your data whenever it suits you and you decide if you want to schedule backups at an specific time, or if you prefer on-demand backups. You have the control over the backing up of your files and the powerful high-tech compression technology, which only saves changes made to the files that matter, ensures that you can save space and enjoy a faster service.

Total Defense Online Backup supports real-time monitoring and backups to keep up to speed with any changes on your files. This feature will recognize if a file is edited and it will instantly back it up. This means that whenever you save a change in your computer, Total Defense Online Backup will save it in the cloud for you so you won’t need to worry about losing any update. The program has smart filters that enable you to include the exact files that you want to backup. You can select the file extensions, type of files and even specific folders that you wish to backup.

Since you can keep all the versions of your backup, you can retrieve older versions at any stage. You can even get a preview of any previous version of your files and you can even select a particular date to get a snapshot of the data. This is a very practical function that lets you go back to certain date and look for a file that was created at that time. Sharing files is also a breeze with Total Defense Online Backup and you can show photos to your family, display a presentation for work colleagues or share any data you want, with just one click.

You just need to create a link and send it via email, without having to copy large files to a disk, saving them to a external drive, or spending time attaching them to an email, which may exceed your, or your recipient’s inbox available space. Total Defense Online Backup lets you access your files whenever you need them, no matter where you are thanks to the web interface. You can expect top level protection with a three-tiered encryption system that keeps your data secure even before it leaves your computer. The files are also encrypted during transfer and in storage.

Customer Support

Total Defense provides excellent customer and technical support for all its products, including the online backup solution. You can count on unlimited and free support by phone every day of the week. You can also get in touch by email, or use the self help portal which offers detailed information about every aspect of the service.


Although Total Defense Backup Online not as popular as other services, it deserves to be taken into consideration for its reliability and simplicity. Total Defense is recognized for the quality of its products, and even though their backup online is not the cheapest option in the industry and it lacks some advanced options that you can find in other services, it provides ease of use and excellent customer service.

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