Best Free Self-timer Camera Apps for iPhone

Your iPhone allows you to capture every important moment, anywhere you are thanks to a powerful camera that offers a good selection of features to make sure that you get the best images. However, there is one simple and important function that is missing and that is a self-timer. Fortunately, there are many apps that will give you time to set up the photo and help you to be on it. You can get simple but efficient self-timer apps that allow you to capture images at the right time. We present you some of the best self-timer apps available for iPhone and the bets thing is that they are free.

With Gorilla Cam you can enjoy an easy to use camera app that does not only offer Self-Time Countdown Notification but also other useful features such as Camera Anti-Shake to get clear and steady images. The Self-Timer mode allows you to choose from 1 to 120 seconds of time delay. This will give you enough time to get your whole family together for a photo. The interface is fun and very simple to get. This is a complete app that will allow you to get the best out of every shot.

Camera Timer!
Camera Timer is an effective and simple option to take your photos at the time you want. The countdown can be set between 1 and 60 seconds to allow enough time for you to prepare for the photo. You can also set up the countdown before a shot and select the number of shots in a take, to get multiple images. This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to self-timer apps for your iPhone.

Auto Shutter 2.0
This app has been around for a while but it still offering a great auto-shutter timer solution.  Once you set up the delay time, you just need to tap the icon and wait for the photo to be taken. Four seconds before the photo is taken, a beep will notify you to make sure that you can prepare for the shot.

If you just want a simple self-timer for your iPhone, you can opt for TimerCam. It offers an easy to use self-timer for the front and rear cameras without any frills. You can choose a time delay period between 5 to 30 seconds, which will give you enough options to ensure that your photo is taken at the moment it is needed.

CamTime Cydia Tweak
While this is not an app, is another good solution to have a self-timer option when you are taking pictures with your iPhone. CamTime is easy to set up and will allow you to customize the delay time. You can take all the amount of time in seconds that you want to take the picture. You can get the tweak for free in the BigBoss repo and once it is installed, you will see a timer button next to the shutter, simply tap it and enter the time in seconds.

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