Top Free Math Apps for IPhone and Android

Even though for many people math was their biggest fear in school, it is something that can actually be enjoyed. Math games can help you to discover the fun side of Maths, not to mention that they are a great way to exercise your brain. Math Games also allow you to encourage children to love this subject, instead of fearing it. Technology can be a great ally of education and there is no better method to learn that by having fun. Here is a list of the best Math games that kids and adults can enjoy.

Motion Math: Zoom

motionmathThis game uses charming animated animals and sound effects to teach children about number sequences. It’s zoomable number line has some numbers missing and the player must place the numbers in the right place. The game displays objects and colourful characters to represent abstract numbers and helps children to understand the decimal system while they have fun. It is available for iOS for $2.99.

Math Vs Zombies
math vs zombieInstead of running away, when the zombie apocalypse starts your only defence will be your Math skills. At least in this game in which you will need to subtract, add and multiply through 24 levels in order to boost the weapons that will save you from a horde of zombies. The app is more suitable for children over 9 and is available for iOS and Android for $4.99.


DotToDot Numbers & Letters Lite
dottodotnumbersIdeal for young children up to the age of 7, this iOS app offers a traditional “connect the dots” game that allows children to learn to count with their drawings. They have to connect the dots by counting so that the hidden image is revealed. The graphics and design, as well as the catching sounds, make it quite entertaining. Downloading DotToDot Numbers & Letters Lite is free.


xGerms Counting
germs countingWith this popular app, children can practice counting up to 50 by catching the funny germs that move around the screen. Apart from the amusing animation, it offers 16 levels with varied difficulty. It is available for Android and iOS devices for just $0.99.


Sail Through Math
sail through This app created by McGraw-Hill is available for iOS and Android users and it offers demanding questions and unexpected challenges that will put your math skills to the test. You can practice, have fun and share your results on Twitter and Facebook. Sail Through Math can be downloaded for $1.99.


Math Maniac
math maniacMath Maniac offers an entertaining way to train your brain while you practice basic math. The aim is to combine numbers to get a result that equals the number in the left bottom corner and you have to do it in less than 10 seconds. The app is suitable for Android and it is available for free, although there is a paid version allows you to continue from levels that you already reached instead of starting from scratch when you lose.


Toddler Animal Numbers
toddler animal This Android game is aimed at pre-school children and introduces them to numbers and basic counting. It has colourful animation, audio feedback and a simple but effective way to teach children between 2 and 4 to count from 1 to 10. Get it for free in Google Play.



Math Magic
math magicThe magician in this free Android game challenges to a demanding but engaging experience. At first, the game may seem difficult to understand but once you find the way to clear the orbs, you will become addicted. You will need to match the colour of the orb with the number.


Math Kid
math kidThis free iOS app has a simple interface that will offer children between 4 and 12, the base they need to be good at maths. It provides graphical feedback and rewards when tasks and levels are completed successfully. There are different levels for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and sequences.

connect'emThe aim with Connect’Em is to put blobs together using just the number given for each blob. The game offers over 4000 levels that get tougher as you progress. It suits every age and it is great to keep your brain sharp. It is available for free for Android and iOS users.

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