Top 5 iPad Apps to Boost your Business

Efficient Businesses Get More Done

Apple device owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to apps thanks to the variety and quality of options available in the App Store. It is possible to find apps for pretty much anything you can think of, including business. There are many convenient apps designed to make businesses more efficient and to help users to keep running things even when they are on the go. Apps can increase your productivity, improve your organization and they offer many solutions to manage your business no matter where you are. Here are five useful apps that will make a difference on your business.


VabletThis app from Meiotic Inc is the right tool if you are looking to manage enterprise content without a hassle. It allows you to upload Videos, PDF documents and other business files to a single device. The app provides a high level of security so you can rely on it to handle all your network’s data, including confidential files. It works with technology that pushes content from the servers, instead of pulling it, which allows you to save time logging and searching files on a server. Files are continuously updated and available whenever you need them. Furthermore, you can use Vablet to wipe out content and block the device in case it gets lost or stolen. This makes Vablet a complete and secure content management tool that should be part of your business. You can download it for free.


Apple's KeynoteIf you are looking for an app that can make your presentations stand out and leave a great impression on colleagues and potential clients, you need to consider Apple’s Keynote. This app is the most powerful presentation tool for your iOS device and it gives you the possibility of adding charts, transitions, 3D, animation and other effects. With Keynote you can go through notes and slides using the Presenter Display on your iPad, or use video mirroring to show the presentation on an HDTV. The app also supports iCloud and AirPrint so you can keep all your presentations updated and print them when needed. It is available for $9.99. Now free!

iBrainstorm – Universal Mind

iBrainstormUniversal Mind offers the perfect app to create and collaborate in projects with your work colleagues during meetings. You can share notes via Bluetooth, organize them as needed, highlight ideas and use the iPad canvas as a drawing board. It is possible to draw, erase or zoom in to get wider control and capture every idea that is brought up to the table. This app is a great solution to share ideas and to make your meetings more dynamic and effective. Furthermore, iBrainstorm is free and very easy to use.

Minimal Folio

Minimal FolioThis app from Simon Heys Limited provides an impressive set of features that will help you to get an edge over your competitors. Minimal Folio allows you to share PDF documents, images and video through email or iTunes. You can also organize files into columns on your iPad device and create unique presentations in a matter of minutes. Minimal Folio allows you to turn your iPad into an excellent presentation tool, without requiring additional equipment. Other features include iTunes file transfer and the possibility to Cloud sync across multiple devices using Dropbox. You can purchase Minimal Folio for $2.99.


BloombergBloomberg TV is recognized for providing comprehensive and accurate information about the world of finance and business. The app is a practical way to get instant access to the latest market updates and portfolio tracking functions from reliable sources. You can stay informed and up to date with data such as Currencies, Bonds, Equity Indices, Futures, Equity Indices and more. This free app also includes videos with the main business stories and podcasts from Bloomberg Radio.

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