Best iOS Apps to Track Productivity

Measuring productivity is essential for many organizations, but it could also be helpful for individuals who are working on a project and wish to get the most out of their time. The ability to track the tasks completed or time spent working on something could help you determine how productive you are. This will give you the chance to set an improvement plan if needed and to work more effectively. Companies use advanced tools to monitor productivity, but anyone can rely on technology to track their tasks. In this list you will find some of the most practical and efficient apps that will help you to achieve your goals.

Office Time – Time & Expense Tracking delivers a great app that is very easy to use and that also offers remarkable features that will allow you to manage your time effectively. With Office Time, you can focus on the task at hand while the app takes care of keeping track of your progress. It allows you to log the time spent while working on your projects so that you can improve your productivity. It is also a good solution for following up on your personal commitments. Office Time can be a great ally for freelancers and small teams that need a practical option to organize their time and expenses. You can get it for $7.99 USD.

Toggl Timer
Toggl Timer from Toggl is simple to use and it offers convenient features that will help you to track any of your activities, even those that are carried out offline. With this app you will be able to monitor the time spent on your daily tasks with remarkable accuracy and a high level of detail. It is possible to track work time for a team of up to 5 members or for individual users and you can access comprehensive reports from their website. The reports are available in PDF, CSV or XLS formats, making them easy to share. Toggl Timer is ideal for users that are involved in projects in which they charge based on the time worked. It can be downloaded for free.

My Minutes
Avoiding distractions is crucial when you are trying to complete a task, but this is not always easy. Thanks to My Minutes you can start focusing on what you need to do by setting time goals and sticking to them. It also helps you to get a slot in your tight schedule to dedicate time to learning a new language or doing something that you always wanted to do. With this app you can keep track of your activities and make every minute count. My Minutes is an easy way to set the amount of time that you want to spend on a determined task. My Minutes by Variance srl keeps you focused and motivated to achieve your goal. You can download it for $2.99 USD.

Eternity Time Log
Eternity Time Log allows you to get the job done thanks to its complete set of features designed to help you to take advantage of every minute. With this app created by Marcin Komorek, you will learn how to make good use of your time to ensure that you can complete your tasks and that you can also rest and have fun. It adapts to your needs and schedule to offer an efficient solution for projects, billing and personal commitments. You can prioritize tasks, set timers every day and the app will give you detailed reports of your activities. You can backup to Dropbox, email, PC or Eternity on another device. You can download this useful app for $4.99 USD

Now Then
If you want to monitor your activities and analyse how you use your time, you can count on Now Then by Angry Aztec Ltd. This time-keeping app helps you to understand better how you work by recording the hours spent on a task. Anyone can benefit from the accurate information that Now Then offers, particularly freelancers who need an easy and reliable option to track the time they spend on a project. The app is simple to use and you can run multiple times simultaneously or switch between tasks with just a few taps. The reports are very useful and detailed and you can get it for just $2.99 USD.

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