Readiris Pro 15 Review

Readiris 15 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software

IrisOCR (Optical Character Recognition) software has many advantages for business and home users as it offers the possibility of storing digital versions of printed books and paper documents like certificates and diplomas. With the help of OCR software, you can search, edit and share printed documents as they can be converted into PDF, Excel or Word. If you need to use information from a printed document or make any changes to it, you will be able to do it without any hassle. You can copy text from a PDF and paste it into other applications, saving you time and ensuring that you can manage information easily and effectively.

One of the best OCR applications available is Readiris Pro 15, a product from leading developer I.R.I.S. which has been providing top technology solutions for document recognition and management for nearly 30 years. Readiris Pro is ideal for users that require an effective and practical way to control the way they handle data. Readiris Pro 15 aims to make things simple and convenient for users, enabling them to forget about paper and to avoid retyping documents. The program is filled with useful features and it offers a remarkable performance. We will explore more about Readiris Pro 15 in this review.


Readiris is recognized as reliable OCR software and the Pro 15 version has upgraded the technology of previous installments. Downloading and installing the program takes only a few steps and the setup wizard enables you to choose from the over 130 languages supported including Finnish, Irish (Gaelic), Latin, Hebrew,  Farsi and Japanese. The tool also includes dictionaries for the most used languages. The interface is clean and simple and it is designed to make things easy for users, avoiding complicated options or confusing tabs. Readiris 15 is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Whilst there isn’t a Mac version yet, Readiris 14, which does support Mac, is still available on their website.

Readiris Pro 15 automatically identifies text and layout from a PDF, an image, or a scanned document and it converts it into a digital file that can be edited. Readiris allows you to convert images in formats such as .jpg, .tif, .bmp and .png and it is compatible with Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Open Office. The program even lets you to convert documents to e-book and audio files (with a text-to-speech option) as it works with .wav (audio) and with .epub (ebook) as well as .html. The converted files are compatible with mobile devices so you can enjoy audio books and e-books on the go.

readiris control panel

The software uses a powerful page analysis technology that can recognize diverse elements of the original files including text, image and tables. It is intuitive and incredibly smart, allowing you to recreate the layout of a paper document, manage areas within it, reorder pages or select the application to which you want to send the scan to. The built-in dictionaries are capable of identifying any errors, or any characters that were missed during the conversion. This is just one of the smart features of Readiris 15 and it ensures that you spend less time proofreading a document.

Although by default there is a simplified view of the application box, you can select the full-screen version to display all the options available. To optimize the conversion process, Readiris 15 includes a rich set of features that give you flexibility when editing documents and that allows you to improve them before starting the conversion process. This means that the final result will require less corrections and modifications. Readiris Pro 15 offers great options for advanced document management needs such as text editing and 3D correction tools. The text editor enables you to modify the content of your PDF files easily and you will have the option to add, delete, replace and correct text within the content.

Readiris is capable of maintaining every part of a document, including the layout, images and color blocks. With the page editing tools you can organize, add, delete, merge, rotate and straighten pages in a PDF document.  It is even possible to put together multiple PDF files and organize their content as you prefer. The software also includes convenient features to enhance pictures and it can also convert tables and send scanned documents via email. Readiris Pro 15 works on documents of any length and it offers the possibility of converting images of documents that were captured using a mobile phone.

Another advantage of using Readiris is that the software is able to compress the size of each document as it is being saved, which is something that you will not find from other applications. This reduces the space required to store your documents, which could save you money if you use a cloud storage service. The high compression technology that Readiris Pro 15 offers, lets you reduce the original size of images and PDF files up to 10 times, without impacting the quality of the image. The compressed documents in PDF standard format will be searchable and compatible with any PDF viewer. To protect your documents, you can add a password to disable editing, copying, printing, or text extracting. This is a crucial option to protect your intellectual property.

Readiris also offers a corporate solution that gives users the option to assign barcodes to each document and that is compatible with duplex scanners. The corporate version lets you reduce the size of files up to 50 times and it also includes indexing tools and it supports business-card recognition. In addition, Readiris Corporate is a good option to run old scanners that lack their own software and it can be used to manage the performance of multiple scanners. It also reproduces previously designed electronic documents, which is an incredibly convenient option for businesses. It can batch process entire folders and since there is no limit in the number of pages that it can read, Readiris corporate is set to become a must-have tool for any company.

There is a generous free trial that allows you to try Readiris Pro 15 during 10 days. Even though there are some limitations (you will only be able to scan up to 100 pages and a maximum of 3 pages per document), this is a great way to become familiar with the tool and find out if it is the right option for you.  Once you are ready to start using Readiris, you can choose between the Pro version which costs $99 per license, or the Corporate version that is priced at $199 per license. There are no subscription fees and no annual renewal required.

Readiris Pro 15 for Windows (OCR Software)

Customer Support

Readiris 15 offers superb quality, but even the best products require top customer support to provide the best experience for its users. Fortunately, Readiris 15 has a well-designed and complete website, as well as an experienced support team that backs the great performance of the product. You will find a great selection of useful information in the Support section, including tutorials and step by step guides to help you with any aspect of the product. Additionally, you can find answers to the most common questions in the Help Desk section. If you require additional assistance, you can submit a ticket, which will be responded by the skilled tech team.


Readiris 15 is a comprehensive OCR solution that provides practical features in both its Pro and its Corporate version. The advanced picture-enhancement and text editing options make it a great solution for managing content and processing documents effectively. Instead of having to retype a document, or requiring multiple applications to edit your documents, you can rely on the smart features that Readiris supports. The compression technology is a unique and highly convenient way to reduce storage space. Furthermore, the software’s accuracy when converting documents is impressive, which makes it a recommended solution for researchers, journalists, students and anyone who needs to manage data effectively.

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