OmniPage Ultimate Review

Review of Omnipage Ultimate OCR softwareNuance Communications’s OmniPage is an OCR software that has been around for almost 30 years. Even though there were times in which the application seemed to be stuck in the past, the latest edition OmniPage Ultimate, shows that the tool is stepping up its game. The Ultimate version offers innovative technology that allows you to get digital versions of paper documents with impressive accuracy and great customization tools. While some of the features could do with an improvement, OminiPage Ultimate shows an impressive progress from previous versions. It includes new useful options such as automatic document routing, which can have a positive impact for business that need efficient and fast OCR solutions. Let’s take a closer look at what OmniPage Ultimate offers.


OmniPage Ultimate comprises a wide selection of applications and functions with multiple interfaces. One of the new additions in the OmniPage package is Launchpad, which ensures that you can go through the document conversion process faster. Launchpad allows the creation of automated workflows for OCR tasks, helping you to save time and improve productivity. The tool simplifies the OCR process offering an easy to understand interface that allows you to select the task that you want to complete. You can digitalize a paper document, convert it to the format of your choice -Word, HTML, etc. – and save the final version of the file on disk or on cloud services.

Another useful function that OmniPage Ultimate offers to increase productivity is the eDiscovery Assistant, which checks PDF files of all types to identify those that need the OCR process to be converted into searchable PDF. Since the option of converting a scanned PDF document into a searchable PDF only works with documents that have not been modified, the tool can save you time by determining when OCR is required. This ensures that you do not use the process on text based PDF files, which may damage its text elements when you try to create searchable PDF format.

One of the highlights of OmniPage Ultimate is its enhanced OCR engines that provide impressive accuracy in converted files. OmniPage aims to improve accuracy with every new version and Ultimate promises to deliver outstanding precision. It is now possible to capture text with a digital camera and convert the images into text documents with up to 25% more OCR accuracy. The software also guarantees to maintain the format of the original document to ensure that the digital version is exact and easy to edit.

OmniPage can be used with any kind of scanning device and supports a wide selection of programs, from PDF, HTML and Corel to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It can also convert documents stored in cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive and GoogleDocs. The possibility of scheduling automatic batch processing from folders or emails is another option that will benefit companies that need to convert a large number of documents. OmniPage facilitates the conversion of paper forms to create editable versions that can be distributed electronically and exported to a database.

OmniPage Ultimate also features advanced text-to-speech technology, a practical solution for proofreading documents. Nuance is recognized for offering high quality tools that enable users to listen to documents on MP3 format, as they are read with naturally sounding speech. OmniPage has the capacity of processing, editing and storing documents in over 120 languages, including Russian, Greek and Japanese.

OmniPage Ultimate packs powerful features that are designed to make OCR tasks more efficient. With a price of $499.99 (Cuurently on sale 70% off, Now $149) USD, OmiPage Ultimate is not the most suitable option for individual users, but the software offers great functionality and value for money for business users. Their 30 day money back guarantee allows customers to purchase and try the product with the knowledge that they can get a refund if it doesnt suit their needs. It is a strong solution for companies that need to convert and store a large volume of documents. While the interface can be complicated due to the amount of applications available, the level of accuracy is quite high and the tool works fast and effectively.


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