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Let’s think about new technologies for a minute. We can all acknowledge their rapid and constant growth without any indication of slowing down. This is not news since fresh, new applications are developed daily. With so many options to choose from it’s now more important than ever to select gadgets and tools that are actually useful.

But how do you decide? Which are the best productivity tools that can help you finish your job faster?

Often times, it can be hard to properly select a tool. There are a lot of quality products that can perform the same task. Yes, the logo is different, but they all look alike and probably have similar features. It would be amazing if this applied to all the tools you found online. But, that’s certainly not the case!

When talking about programs for PDF management the reality is far from perfect. Tools such as PDF editors and converters are usually either too expensive or not doing a good job in the first place. And this can be a problem when you need those products — a majority of online documentation comes in a PDF file. It is the most widely used file format and you can thank these 2 reasons for its success:

  1. Portability — All files look the same on every operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android) or device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).
  2. Security — To this day, the PDF is the most secure format in the world. This is a very important feature since document hacks and thefts are happening more often.

These advantages make the Portable Document Format (PDF) the number one choice when handling digital files. Yet, if you want to make any PDF changes, you’ll need a proper software tool since the PDF is a non-editable format by default. For one reason or another, you will eventually need to make some edits and modifications to a PDF document, report, invoice, or contract.

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And here is where third party companies and their products jump in and save the day. One such company is Investintech, a PDF market leader, that developed a unique software tool to help address these issues.

Their flagship product, Able2Extract 10, provides a handful of features for quickly editing and managing all sorts of PDF documents. The first version was developed 16 years ago and since then the tool has been downloaded over a million times.

PDF Editing is quick and usually takes no more than 3 steps:

First step

Open your PDF in Able2Extract InvestInTech Able2Extract Tutorial Step 1

Second step

Click on the “Edit” icon in the top menu bar

InvestInTech Able2Extract Tutorial Step 2

Third step

With our WYSIWYG editing panel you can:

  1. Add and delete text — add text lines or remove text blocks. The software detects your font so you will not spend any time searching for the right one.
  2. Rotate and rescale pages — You can move and resize any page directly within your PDF content.
  3. Extract and merge pages — extract any individual page or merge different PDF pages into one document.

InvestInTech Able2Extract Tutorial Step 3

Besides editing, you can convert and create a PDF document. Here is where Able2Extract will really amaze you.

The tool converts any PDF file (no matter what the size or number of pages) to up to 12 different file formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Image and more. Conversions are quick and accurate, leaving you satisfied with your final product.

InvestInTech Able2Extract Tutorial Step 4

Last, but not least, is Able2Extract’s slick PDF creation feature.

To do that, you need to open any supported file from Able2Extract, after which the software automatically makes a PDF. The amazing thing is that you can start working on it right away since creation takes no more than a couple of seconds.

There are some other options which you can use, such as choosing a document title and description, as well as setting up a password to ensure your document security.

InvestInTech Able2Extract Tutorial Step 5

Final word

With these three main features, you’ll have no need to buy or install any other PDF application ever again.

With many competitors out there, Able2Extract is one of the most affordable PDF solutions currently available. The pricing starts from $99.95 for an individual license, and $129.95 for the professional one. The software supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

If you like the things you’ve seen, you can download the 7-day free trial and give it a test drive. There is nothing to lose, but something great to gain.


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