Online Block Puzzle Games Offer Entertainment And Real Cash

Most people have heard that the human brain has two hemispheres — left and right. A common myth is that the left brain performs tasks related to logic and the right side is more intuitive and visual.

The reality is more nuanced. While language is left-brain oriented and emotions are right-brain oriented, the brain and lobes operate a complex system of neural connections.

Whether you consider yourself a left-brain or right-brain person — even if it’s not technically correct — one of the ideal ways to exercise your brain is through playing block puzzle games online.

Similar To Tetris

Online block puzzle games are highly entertaining and addictive. Block puzzles are similar to Tetris, which you might have played as a kid on your computer.

Today, the reimagined game is available on smartphones with exciting twists and challenges.

Online Block Puzzle game
Play a Tetris-like block puzzle game online.

You can experience the thrill of the challenge by playing with real-life opponents. There’s also a timer that makes the game fast-paced, and the goal is to score the highest before the time runs out.

Unlike Tetris, it’s not a never-ending game, and you can play a short match between your chores.

If you’ve enjoyed playing Tetris, then you’ll definitely enjoy block puzzles.

Online block puzzle games are pretty entertaining and a great way to pass your time.


You’ll get three blocks at a time, and once you’ve used all three of them, three more will appear. The game is unpredictable, and you don’t know what pieces will come next.

Placing differently shaped pieces on the board and creating horizontal or vertical lines is quite engaging. There’s a bit of trial-and-error to master the game, but it’s exciting and entertaining. You won’t be bored when you download block puzzle on your phone.

Furthermore, online puzzle games offer opportunities to earn money.

You can play the game in either 1VN or 1V1 mode and participate in various tournaments and cash contests.

The cash battles reveal lucrative rewards before the start of the clash. Some tournaments require a small fee to enter, but the bounty to be won will be attractive.

However, while you can earn money playing block puzzle games online, you need to check your state’s rules and regulations regarding games of skill. There are a handful of states that won’t allow you to earn money from games of skill. If you belong to those states, you cannot participate in cash contests. But, you can play practice/free games purely for entertainment purposes.

Tips For Winning Block Puzzle Games

Now that you know you can get entertainment and earn cash by playing block puzzle games online, it is crucial to hone your skills. You win the prize only when you score higher than your opponents.

Take a look at a few tips to help you become a pro at block puzzles.

Don’t Foolishly Place Blocks Anywhere On The Board

It is never a good idea to thoughtlessly dump blocks anywhere on the playing board.

You’ll get three blocks at a time and must carefully choose which one to place first so you can clear lines.

The game’s objective is not to dump blocks but to place them strategically so you can clear lines and score points.

While the timer might distract you and make you nervous, think of the block placement before making your move.

Start At The Corners Of The Board

You cannot let the game end early before the timer stops.

One of the winning strategies is staying in the game longer than your opponents. Start by placing blocks from the board’s corners. Working from the corners provides you with both horizontal and vertical options.

Try To Clear Multiple Horizontal And Vertical Lines

Yes, you can clear single lines, but that won’t help to increase your points.

If you only focus on clearing single lines, the timer will run out, and your opponent will take the bounty.

So, it is best to strategically place blocks and clear multiple horizontal or vertical lines at once. You can quickly get a high score if you can master this tactic.

Is There Space For the 3×3 Piece?

One of the most infamous pieces in the block puzzle game is the 3×3 square piece. The three-by-three piece takes a lot of space, and its sudden appearance can mean game over.

While playing, always ensure that you keep room for this particular block. You need to create space by clearing lines, so the square piece doesn’t end your game early.

Play Free Games To Sharpen Your Skills

You can play free games to practice the tips mentioned above and have complete control over your skills.

Along with trying out these strategies, you must also time yourself to make sure you are quick. You are more likely to clear blocks faster than your opponent if you play a well-planned and strategized game.

Play On Your Smartphone

So, are you ready to kill your boredom and earn cash? Download the block puzzle game on your smartphone and enter the fascinating world of puzzles.

Solving the game will help exercise your brain, boost your overall well-being, and give you the satisfaction of beating real-life gamers.

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