Beesy: Powerful Note-Taking/Task Management iPad App For Business

Note-Taking And Task Management For Your iPad

beesy note-taking and task managementBusiness people deal with hectic schedules so they can do with all the help they can get to manage their tasks efficiently. Apps like Beesy can make things easier for anyone who needs to organize and keep track of their tasks with a high level of accuracy. Beesy from Beesapps is designed as a business solution that allows you to turn your iPad into a smart notebook to take notes, follow up on tasks and manage projects. It features collaboration capabilities and options that will enable you to assign and handle your duties seamlessly. Beesy is reliable, convenient and easy to use and we’ll take a look at how it can help you to improve your productivity at work.


How It Works

Beesy is a comprehensive solution that will come very handy for business people and any user that needs to take notes, create and share lists and more. It includes a great set of features that will allow you to record and access important information easily. The app’s task management and to-do list functionality works with your device’s calendar to ensure that you can follow up on your projects and events without a hassle. You can keep all the information that you need in the same place, without the need of paper or notebooks. Everything will be available in your iPad and you can access important details whenever you need them.

Beesy’s note-taking capacity make it a convenient solution and the fact that it is very easy to use means that you can start creating and saving notes straight away. You won’t need to spend much time learning how to use the app to record data from meetings, or to keep crucial information for your projects. Beesy is an app that avoids complexity to make things practical for users and its simplicity is precisely what makes it a complete solution. You can also share meeting minutes and notes, which is very convenient when you need to collaborate in projects.

Efficient organization can help you to save time and Beesy offers smart options to keep your information structured and easily accessible. The app handles the layout so you only need to take care of the content. It allows you to automatically create a to-do list using your notes and it keeps track of actions per projects and people. You can assign actions dynamically and share information with your team. The fact that you can manage and distribute the workload can help you to achieve deadlines without issues.

Beesy also includes an Action Template option that allows you to set smart notes including audio record, photos, sketches, web page and more. You can email meeting minutes instantly to everyone who took part in the meeting. It is possible to export content to PDF or CSV. The data can also be saved to Dropbox or Evernote so that you can access it at anytime and from any device. It is possible to filter and browse information as needed so you can find what you need within seconds. There are many options to look through your To-Do list and through Actions, Projects and contacts.

It is possible to mark tasks according to their urgency and importance. You can organize them into Important/Non-Important and Urgent/Non-Urgent to make sure that you prioritize effectively. The fact that you can assign tasks to people and contacts and that you can share notes and emails, means that Beesy is an all-inclusive solution for business projects and professional tasks. The app can be useful in many situations where organization and information management are key to bringing a project to a successful completion.


Beesy is a practical task management solution that will benefit teams and individuals, particularly when it comes to handling projects. The app is available in the App Store for $5.99 and there are In-App Purchases available with additional features like Import Documents, Reminder full Syncing and more from $1.99 to $21.99.

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