ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional Review

ABBYY is known for creating powerful and effective OCR applications that offer high standards of accuracy, establishing the company as the leading manufacturer in the industry. The FineReader 12 Professional Edition proves once again that ABBYY is at the top of the game when it comes to optical character recognition tools. It is clear that the company strives for providing the highest quality and with each new version, they offer new features aimed at improving users’ experience.

In the case of FineReader 12 Professional, ABBYY has added a convenient option that allows you to make adjustments before the full document is processed. This means that you can edit parts of the document while the program is still working on it. FineReader offers great recognition and image adjustment capabilities and the 12 Professional version provides exceptional performance to complete OCR tasks fast and easily. Here is more of what you get with this software.


FineReader 12 Pro is the Windows compatible solution that offers all the functions required for handling document conversion tasks with OCR. It allows you to transform your paper documents such as books or certificates, digital images -including smartphone photos of text documents -and PDF files into editable, searchable files. With its Advanced Adaptive Document Recognition Technology, the tool is capable of reproducing the format of the document with detailed precision, so you will not have to worry about recreating font styles, sizes or tables.

When it comes to batch processing and automated OCR functions, the tool delivers an impressive performance that makes it an suitable solution for businesses or large scale projects. Companies that deal with a high volume of documents will benefit from the automated conversion options and libraries or academic researchers can also take advantage of FineReaders’ advanced OCR processing capacities. The software promises a near perfect recognition accuracy – up to 99.8% according to ABBY tests – and the Fast Mode provides an outstanding speed for increased productivity in a business setting.

The flexible PDF conversion functions lets you create editable versions from PDF files easily and you can make changes manually and adjust formatting and style with the text editor. PreciseScan is an option that enables you to correct the text in scans in order to improve the visual quality of your processing results. You can make the necessary adjustments to guarantee the quality of output files, which means that you will not need to spend time correcting or editing after the document is converted.

ABBYY FineReader gives you the possibility of creating high quality documents from digital photographs and it also includes Screenshot Reader, an application that lets you copy text, images or tables from your screen fast and easily. You can then add the content to presentations, emails and other documents. It is also possible to convert files from Dropbox, SharePoint Online, Google Drive and other Cloud services. FineReader also stands out for supporting more languages than its competitors. The tool can recognize over 190 languages including Korean, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Basque and Irish.


FineReader 12 Professional is a versatile software that gives you freedom to interact with the tool during the conversion process, while it also offers the option of using automatic workflows. The spell-check and text/format verification functions are quite useful and the interface is aligned with Windows 8 large icons style and touch gestures. FineReader 12 Pro is another tool that shows why ABBYY is still the best when it comes to OCR software. This is the most efficient, accurate and fast OCR tool available and you can get it for $163.

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