No WiFi? 9 Boredom Cures When You Don’t Have an Internet Connection

No internet dinosaurLiving in a time where our everyday lives are totally inundated with web-connected devices that keep us entertained at all times of the day, it’s easy to draw a blank when there’s no internet connection to be found. Though boredom may seem like a superficial state of being that can be easily cured, we can totally vouch for the people who feel imprisoned by boredom. Sometimes coming up with things to do outside of your regular routine is difficult! We get it.

Whether you think of it as embracing boredom or fighting it, doing something out of the ordinary might be all you need to kick yourself back into your usual liveliness. No WiFi? No problem. Use these 9 boredom cures to conjure up your own kind of fun.

9. Learn something new

Sometimes all you need is a little mental stimulation to get your mind gears going. Learning something new takes full concentration so rather than focusing on that nagging feeling of boredom, you’ll be knee-deep in learning la-la-land. Need some inspiration? Head to your library and pick up a book that teaches you how to:

  • Use Photoshop to manipulate photos
  • Start a freelance career
  • Speak a foreign language
  • Fix a car
  • Tackle your tax return
  • Build your own computer

8. Journal

Good old-fashioned pen and paper are great resources to use even when your mind feels totally depleted of life. Writing about your day, a favorite memory, or an old flame are great ways to channel your creative spirit. You may even find it to be therapeutic!

Not much of a writer? Take up bullet journalling and create artful drawings or diagrams with the help of evenly spaced dots.

7. Find an offline game

Though the world of offline gaming isn’t widely talked about, it’s still one that offers excellent options for those who travel often or have limited access to the internet. FPS offline games like BioShock, Fallout 3, and Borderlands 2 are fan favorites that can be loaded up sans web connection. Tightening your strategy and leveling up will require all of your attention, so you can say goodbye to boredom.

6. Consult a cookbook

Not much of a cook? What better time to learn how to perfect the art of food than when you can’t figure out anything else to do?! Find a cookbook and scour the pages for a recipe that looks and sounds tasty. When the instructions are straightforward and understandable, the room for error is minimal—even if you’re a novice!

5. Paint

Painting is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Rather than focus on a specific image you want to bring to canvas life, just let your paintbrush do its thing! You don’t have to be a bonafide Bob Ross extraordinaire to make art.

4. Socialize

The easiest way to cure boredom is to add another person into the equation. Whether it’s making plans to have an old-school DVD movie marathon with a close friend or calling up mom or dad, all you need to spice up your environment is another personality! And who doesn’t love a little catch-up session with friends or family?

3. Exercise

Don’t call us crazy yet! Going to the gym may already feel like pulling teeth, but when you’re at a loss of things to do and feeling pent up, a little exercise could free you from the shackles of boredom. In fact, working out and burning calories relieves stress and releases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins— effectively making you feel happier and fulfilled. Seriously, heavy breathing and breaking a sweat can do that!

2. Tidy up

A little spring cleaning never hurt anybody! In fact, tidying up can keep you occupied while letting you de-stress and reorganize your living space. Pop on a good playlist and get scrubbing!

1. Read

Read a book when there's no internetIn need of an escape to another world? Unless you’ve got a destination vacation coming up, you’ll need a more practical (and affordable) option. A good book has the power to transport you to a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a lush Hobbit-filled land, or to the middle of a Game of Thrones. No flight necessary. Reading is a great way to kill time while deep diving into an imaginative world you’ve never known.

Laugh in the face of the internet powers that be. With these 9 boredom cures, you’ll be plenty entertained all through the day.


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