Netflix – Enjoy Exclusive Content and a Great Viewing Experience

netflixThere are many online video streaming services, but for most people, the first name that comes to mind is Netflix. A large number of users are looking for the best way to watch their favourite TV series and movies at home, or while they are on the go and Netflix makes it possible with a convenient and affordable service. Thanks to high-quality original series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix has earned a leading place in the industry.

Apart from being one of the most popular online streaming options available, Netflix is also one of the most reliable ones. Although this provider has been around since 1997 and new competitors have appeared in the market, Netflix is still getting stronger and better. Here is what Netflix offers in terms of features, content, performance and other aspects that should be considered.


Netflix works with an extensive selection of platforms and devices including Mac, Windows computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Android smartphones/tablets, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Nook and much more. When it comes to content, Netflix stands out from other online streaming services thanks to the rich variety of options that it offers. While it’s true that there are some great TV series and movies that you may not find in Netflix, there is a great catalogue to choose from. You will be able find comedy, drama, adventure, horror, documentaries, children’s movies and much more.

Apart from including a vast list of movies that range from all-time classics to recent productions, Netflix gives users the possibility of enjoying their favourite TV series again, or to watch popular shows that they missed. You can watch a full season or the complete series whenever you want as all the episodes are available to stream. With Netflix, you can enjoy content without limits and it offers productions from many different cable companies. As mentioned earlier, Netflix has also developed its own TV shows and many of them have enjoyed an impressive success.

House of Cards, which features Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, is one of the most popular TV series at the moment. Orange is the New Black has also become a favourite of the audience and both shows have been recognized in the most prestigious TV awards. Netflix continues producing top quality content and in 2015 it will launch new series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You can only watch these productions when you subscribe to Netflix and since all the episodes are released simultaneously, you can watch a full season in one go.

While Netflix has a remarkable selection of content, it is important to keep in mind that some productions are only available for a limited period of time. The options available are subject to change so there may be TV shows that disappear from the streaming library. This is something that not only happens with Netflix and in most cases, it is due to the fact that the contracts that give the service the rights to stream certain show, may expire or change. In any case, you can always expect new releases and the subscription price of $7.99 per month, represents good value as you get access to content that you can’t find anywhere else.


Since Netflix works in an array of devices, you can stream the content you want at any time. Netflix can offer a seamless streaming experience that can be enjoyed with great quality and without any disruption. However, it is important to keep in mind that your internet connection will have an impact on your viewing experience. Having an efficient connection is essential to enjoy Netflix.

Apart from offering a basic plan for $7.99 per month, Netflix also gives users the possibility to stream content with HD quality in 2 ($8.99/month), or 4 ($11.99/month) screens simultaneously. There are also titles available for rental and prices start at $7.99.month for one DVD at a time and $9.99 for one Blu-ray at a time.

With the mobile apps, you can get access to your account and watch the content you love wherever you are. You can start watching an episode of your favourite TV series at home and continue watching on your smartphone, picking up where you left. The automatic playback option instantly queues the next episode of a TV series so you can enjoy it without disruptions. It is a very practical feature when all you want to do is relax and binge-watch your favourite show.

Netflix can also suggest content based on your watching preferences, which means that if you are not sure what to watch next, you will get recommendations of content tailored to your interests. The suggested content option is smart and works really well, ensuring that you can easily find movies and TV shows that you will enjoy. The system works accurately and offers options that you will be able to add to your list of favourites. Furthermore, there are parental controls that allow you to block content that may not be appropriate for your children.


Netflix is a great online video streaming service that is available for users in most countries in America and Europe. What makes it stand out from other streaming services is the wide selection of content available, including exclusive series. Netflix is easy to use and is compatible with a large number of platforms, plus it offers a great viewing experience. Netflix also provides excellent customer support via phone, email and live chat. If you are looking for a flexible and rich streaming solution, you should try the service for free for 30 days and discover all the quality and entertainment that Netflix has to offer.

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