Audiobooks by Travelling Classics – Enjoy amazing stories on the go

Reading a good book is one of the most enjoyable and enriching experiences in life, but when you have a hectic schedule it can be difficult to find the time to seat down and focus on reading. That is why many people have opted for audiobooks as an alternative to enjoy a great story, even if they are busy doing something else.

With Audiobooks, a free app that allows you to stream and download thousands of books, you can listen to some of the best classics of all time while you are doing the laundry, commuting, or when you are working out in the gym. We will find out more about this convenient app that lets you get immersed in a world of adventure, drama, romance or action, no matter where you are.

Audiobooks by Traveling Classics has a library of almost 3,000 classic books that you can get for free. If you need to stop listening to your book at some stage, you can easily pick up from where you left as the app uses automatic bookmarking. All you need in order to download the audio file of your choice is to have a wireless Internet connection, but the books will be available offline so you can listen to them at any time. Audiobooks can keep track of the precise minute where the playback stops and you can also setup a sleep timer to stop the audio at a specific moment. This is a useful option if you want to listen to an audiobook before going to bed.

There are books available in multiple languages so users from all around the world can enjoy great titles from Audiobooks. You can choose from a large selection of great options, including classic works from Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Robert Louis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Lewis Carroll, Emily Bronte and more. The application is easy to manage and you can look for authors, genres, narrators, titles and languages.

You can also let the app surprise you with a book that you are likely to enjoy based on your previous choices. With Audiobooks, you can easily find a great story from your favourite author or search for a title in the genre you prefer, from fantasy to comedy, you are sure to find a book that you will love.

Audiobooks is a simple, free and practical way to enjoy thousands of titles at any time. It is a basic app without any frills or advanced options, but if you are looking for a great collection of audio books to discover masterpieces or to relive your favourite stories, this is a must-have.

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