Quick and Fun Calendar Creation Software Review for Windows 10

A customized calendar is a great way to organize your life and build a clear schedule. Windows 10 gives you at least two options to create a calendar on your computer. You can make your calendar in Microsoft Word, although it will be limited and plain.

Another option is to create a calendar using Windows 10 preinstalled program Calendar App. It offers more tools to make a unique and personalized calendar, although it is more suitable for the online version. You can connect it to your Gmail and Outlook and synchronize your schedules.

black pen near a calendar on a table

However, none of them provide a variety of editing options and effects, along with a smart printing feature.

Is there an application that offers a wider selection of editing tools?

Let’s take a look at Photo Calendar Creator, a calendar creator software for Windows 10 designed to quickly and effortlessly create original and organized calendars in any size.

Variety of Sizes

Calendar creator software offers premade templates for any calendar. You can make a large one in A4 or A5 format and hang it on the wall or a foldable desk calendar with customizable dimensions.

The program allows you to create a monthly planner from a small portable one to A6 format along with a pocket calendar that will fit your wallet. Professional designers from AMS Software regularly update and expand the calendar template library, so you will find something that suits your fancy.

Spice It Up

After choosing the appropriate template, you can begin designing

First, you can replace the background to fit the theme: for example, a family calendar will look great with a family picture in the background. Alternatively, you can pick a color, pattern, or gradient to create a harmonious color composition.

white and purple cardboard box

Second, you can add and replace photos in the frames, crop them, and even edit. Add an outline, frame, or mask to make your photos stand out. Third, browse through a variety of cute clipart in the Photo Calendar Creator and add a personal touch to your work.

Personal Holidays

Besides providing an extensive list of national holidays of the USA, UK, Spain, France, and many more, the calendar creation software allows you to create personal holidays. You can set them as a one-time occurrence or as a recurring holiday or group your special days and categorize them accordingly.

For example, you can create three different groups for all birthdays, anniversaries, and professional holidays. Additionally, you can add photos to every cell of the calendar grid and highlight what this day is all about.

Merry Christmas sign

Add your mother’s photograph for her birthday and a graduation cap for your kid’s graduation. You can even add a small picture of a car for your next inspection as a reminder.

Special tip: when you add a recurring event, a birthday, for instance, you can add the date of birth, and the program will automatically calculate the person’s age every year when you update the calendar.

Smart Printing

What is smart printing?

First, Photo Calendar Creator lets you save the document in high-quality CMYK and as a PDF.

Second, smart printing is crucial for desk calendars and booklets – you have to pay attention to text orientation and foldable parts. All these are easily accessible in this calendar creator software for Windows 10.

Further, you can change the size, add print markups and margins. You can also save your calendars as templates and use them later.

Additional Perks

Photo Calendar Creator allows you to:

  • Enable a second language so that the names of holidays will be displayed twice: primarily in English and secondarily in Spanish, German, French, or others.
  • Create a CSV file and export all dates into the calendar making software, much like in Excel.
  • Add your company’s logo to the layout, and create a professional corporate calendar.
  • Use special family templates with two or three columns to add personalized dates, deadlines, holidays, and plans for the entire family.
  • Skip a couple of months and start with March or June if you create your calendar in the middle of the year.


Calendars are an essential part of an organized person who likes to be on time.

If you don’t like to forget about important meetings, family members’ birthdays, and even less significant occasions like your professional day – a personalized calendar is the answer.

Using novel programs like Photo Calendar Creator, you can make your calendar unique, memorable, and perfectly suited to your interests.

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