lnPixio Free Photo Editor

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Photo-editing programs such as GIMP and Paint.NET let you manipulate your images in all kinds of ways, from applying quick fixes to producing impressive layered compositions.

But if all you need to do is tweak a shot before you share it via email or on Facebook, then the excellent lnPixio Free Photo editor should more than suffice.

Taking its cue from the popular photo-editing apps available for smartphones and tablets, the program opts for a simple one-click approach that lets you perform common tasks such as cropping a shot, applying a filter and adding a frame.

The main screen lets you open photos, view recent files and play around with the included sample shots.

Open a photo, then use the menu in the top-right corner to choose the actions to apply.

The first of these options is Effects, which provides you with a selection of filters sorted into categories such as Artistic, Black and White, Colour, Monochromatic and Vintage.

Click an effect to apply it to your photo. You can switch between effects and revert to the original image at any time with a single click. You can also compare the changes using a ‘before¬and-after’ split view.

lnPixio’s Crop tool lets you apply a range of preset crop settings, and rotate the image using a slider.

The Adjustments section gives you a more hands-on approach to changes and provides sliders you can use to adjust a photo’s temperature, tint, brightness, shadows, highlights, contrast, clarity and more.

There’s also a color-cast wheel, with sliders for tweaking the hue and saturation.

Finally, you can finish your picture by applying a frame. There are several to choose from, sorted into three categories – Fantasy, Classic, and Design.

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