How to Add a Graphic Message with InPixio

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Capturing personal shots and creative pictures can be fun. But, you might want to add text to explain what’s happening in the photo or to add a limerick, saying, or quote.

A visual message can be added to any picture to relay your thoughts or give meaning and context to the photo. You can even add text to generate a funny and creative meme.

Adding text to a picture is usually very easy, compared to other methods of editing photos. It doesn’t take much work to make a big difference.

Having a photo editor can make the process even more fun. Let’s have a look at InPixio Add Text to Photo, which is entirely free to use.

What the App Is Like

Whether you are running your own meme page on social media, looking to add banners, or make e-cards, InPixio’s free photo editor can make the task very simple and easy.

You can pick any font and color from the large variety available within the tool. There are also many formatting options you can use.

The tool is fantastic, whether you are a beginner or a professional, as it provides excellent templates that are also customizable.

You can also use templates to get ideas for creating a unique message for your picture. The best thing is that you don’t even have to download it. You can easily use the tool online without creating an account.

How to Add Text in the Tool

After opening up the page, you can add text with four easy and simple steps.

1. Upload your Preferred Picture

When you land on the add text page, there will be a button to add your picture. You can upload any image you like.

It also allows you to work on several pictures at once, which can save a lot of time. All the images will be open in different tabs, allowing you to access all of them seamlessly.

2. Choose How to Add the Test

When ready to add a text to your picture, either select the textbox or go for a ready-made sample. You can easily add a ready-made sample by clicking on the ‘Templates’ button, then add text with the handy drag-and-drop feature. Not only that, but you can add as many messages as you like.

3. Give the Message a Personal Touch

The picture might not be entirely done. You can give the image a personal touch to make it more unique. There are tons of great fonts you can use to write a text. Changing the colors of the font and fill, as well as the transparency, can be very easy with this great tool.

All your changes will also be automatically added to new textboxes with this great tool, saving you a lot of time. It also maintains a certain level of consistency. You can even use those settings to personalize any text templates.

4. Download the Photo

When you are finished editing, save the photo, and enjoy your creation.

Common Examples Where People Use InPixio

InPixio’s add text to photo feature can be used in every situation. Whether you are editing pictures from a party, for a meme, from a wedding, or making business cards, among other things. You can also create an image with inspirational quotes from your idols or favorite people to share on social media.

You can use any simple picture and add text to it. Editing a photo that doesn’t have much going would be best, as it won’t divert any attention from your message.

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