Joyoshare Screen Recorder Review

Have you ever wanted to download or copy an online video, web conference, presentation, or Coachella Live Stream but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding Firefox plugins or other tools to do it for you? That’s where the simplicity of the Joyoshare Screen Recorder software comes in to save the day. It’s as easy as recording the videos or content that you want to record. And the best part is that there are no messy or confusing plugins or third-party tools to install. Just launch the YouTube video that you want to record, start Joyoshare Screen Recorder, select the area you want to record and go!


Installing Joyoshare screen recorder for Windows was unremarkable. Nothing special to report. We did not need to reboot when we were finished installing the software.


For our test environment we used a virtual Windows 10 machine with 8 GB of RAM and 2 processors. We had some trouble with the sound quality in our VirtualBox environment so we would recommend installing it directly on your computer. Video quality, even in the VirtualBox environment, was very good.


Joyoshare Screen Recorder One of the first things we noticed after installing Joyoshare Screen Recorder was the number of options available and, more importantly, the labels for the options.

For example, most screen recorders or similar applications will make you select the screen size that you want to downgrade to or the format of video that you want to use. Joyoshare has a full list of popular devices so that you don’t have to go Googling to figure out what the screen size and video format should be for an iPhone 6S.

We can’t stress this enough – having a list of the devices that you want to record to is a huge benefit. It seems like such a simple thing but it’s a huge time-saver. If you want to record a video to take with you on a plane and you know that you’re going to have your iPad 3rd Gen with you then you can easily record the video so that you can watch it on your iPad 3rd Gen.

They also provide some more general options for recording such as “HD MP4” and “HD WMV” if you’re not sure what device you will use to watch the recording.

If you’ve ever used other tools from Adobe or open source tools such as Handbrake then you know how important it is to make sure you are recording in the proper format for your target device(s).

Some of the formats available include MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and M4B.

Recording Videos

For our tests we recorded live steams of Coachella 2018. Again, our virtual test environment had some trouble with the sound but the video quality was as expected. We recorded a little over 1 minute of video and the file size was around 18 MB.

We have no doubt that the sound and video quality of the videos would be excellent when transferred to your preferred device.

Recording Sound

We concentrated on videos for our tests but you can also record just sound including music from a YouTube video or Podcasts (though, we’re not sure why you would want to do that).

Let’s say that you found some trance recordings from burning man but didn’t really want the video content. You could record just the music and save it to your device to re-play whenever you wanted.

Recording Location

If you expect to record a lot of audio or video and you’re running low on space you can tell Joyoshare to send the recordings to a different folder/drive so that you don’t inadvertently fill up your main hard drive.


Let’s say you recorded a 2-hour long trance session from Burning Man and every 15 minutes YouTube inserted ads. You can use Joyoshare’s editing tools to remove the ads so that you have one contiguous playback.

We did not have a license for the editing feature so we couldn’t test it. The playback in the editing tools seemed to be laggy and broken but it could have been caused by our virtual environment.


At some point in your Internet browsing you’re going to want to save a YouTube video, Coachella live stream, or presentation so that you can view it anytime you want. Joyoshare Screen Recorder makes it easy to do that without installing several browser plugins and third-party tools.

It’s as simple as recording your screen!


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