Three Ways Your Business Can Use Live Video to Improve the User Experience

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As a 21st-century business, your online content constitutes a fundamental part of the user experience. As much as it’s important to make sure you’re creating a warm and welcoming vision onsite or instore, lots of your customers will only ever know you as an internet-based entity, which is why you must never underestimate the value of what you’re putting out there.

It’s not just about what’s on your website either. Your social media platforms are also vitally important to shaping your image and, used in conjunction, the two can make all the difference to how you’re perceived by potential purchasers.

Live video can be incredibly helpful in this regard, not only in shaping your online persona, but also in giving you a really great platform for getting your ideas and ethos out there, and enhancing the user experience in terms of enjoyment and authenticity.

Want to learn more? Then here’s how best to put it to use…

Use it to create atmosphere and authenticity

As a medium, there’s no denying video content creates a uniquely immersive experience, no matter whether it’s used in the context of advertising or sending out a particular message. It’s this aspect of its character that makes it such an effective means of creating atmosphere and authenticity, as is perfectly demonstrated by the concept of live casino. Utilized by gambling enterprises across the globe to draw people in and give them the complete casino experience, the medium’s effect is unparalleled in terms of building the suspense and excitement so often lacking from online alternatives to the bona fide article. This is a lesson that can be applied by enterprises from all industries and sectors, in order to create a more engaging and enjoyable time onsite.

Use it to create emotion

One of the many advantages of video content is its ability to evoke emotion – arguably, an invaluable marketing tool. This makes it ideal for refining your brand persona and image, as well as getting your company ethos out there. Use the live content you produce to give your customers a real insight into your world; one that tells them all about the things that matter to you. Let them share your highs and empathize with you over your lows, and in doing so, make them a part of your journey.

Use it to share news, competitions, and promotions

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One of the major advantages of live content, especially when utilized via social media platforms, is its placement: right at the top of the page. This makes it highly visible to your followers – much more so than a standard video post would be – qualifying it as the ideal platform for sharing news, competitions, and promotions (as repeatedly demonstrated by big name brands). Use it to get this important information across, and help your customers stay up to date with all of the things that matter, most especially those that advantage them. They’ll feel more engaged, and both you and they will reap the rewards.

Tell us, isn’t it time you started incorporating live video content into your online strategy?


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