Tips for Starting a Successful Shopify Store From Scratch

Want to Start Your Own Shopify Store? Here Are Some Tips

Starting a store on the Shopify platform is a great way to advance your business. You will focus your resources on scaling your online store and increasing sales. This article will describe the principles of launching your store and how to start getting your first sales.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to start their online stores. Shopify is easy to use and intuitive. Knowing certain nuances, you can quickly start selling your products, even if you have zero experience.

The platform is ideal for business people who want to open an online store with minimal investment in a short time. In addition, using Shopify provides access to a variety of themes and widgets. They help automate all processes and increase key business performance indicators. Besides, you can order Shopify supply theme customization.

The principles of launching your Shopify store and how to start getting the first sales.
Source: Shopify. How to start a successful Shopify store.

Planning and Analysis

Before launching, you must understand that simply publishing your store won’t create significant traffic. In any case, you will need to use advertising channels. They are mostly paid, but necessary to attract the target audience.

When planning an advertising strategy, first of all, decide on which platform you will place your advertisements on. Will it be one or several sites? If you are just getting started and do not have experience in eCommerce, we strongly recommend starting with one platform.

Next, learn all the nuances of advertising within this single platform (for example, Facebook). Then, you can begin to expand your ad budgets to other advertising channels significantly.


You should know exactly where and how to place your products to raise profits. Part of the budget you will spend on advertising campaigns. Decide which sum you are ready to spend per day, per week, or month. Most importantly, clearly understand how your revenue and expenditure sides of the budget are formed.

They include advertising costs, paid applications, payment for goods, and Shopify commissions. If you are focusing on working with Facebook, then the optimal advertising budget in the initial stage will vary from $500 to $1000.

The marketing budget largely depends on your skills. Experience in setting up advertising and, to some extent, learn your luck are decisive aspects. If a product immediately starts selling well, you can pay for future advertising campaigns from the profits from the sale of this product.

However, it doesn’t matter how competently you select the product, assemble the site, and set up advertising. If your ad creatives do not attract users, the advertising budget will be used ineffectively, even if it hits the target audience.

How to start getting the first sales with Oberlo
Source: Oberlo. The tool you will need to start your online store.

Product Search

Choosing the right product is one of the essential factors for success. To understand which products have potential, learn more about product selection. If you do not have your production or warehouses with stocks of goods, it is very important to determine who will supply your selling goods. Typically, most start to work with AliExpress suppliers.

Your store can be a single product (there is only one product in the entire store) or niche (the store contains products within the same niche). The third option is a general store. There, products do not come from the same niche. The main advantage of this type of store is that you can test several completely different strategies inside one business.

For a start, we recommend just this option. You will first be able to determine the winning product. Then, create a single-product or niche store and sell only what is already being successfully sold.

Choose a Name for Your Online Store and Choose a Domain

After you have decided on the products, you need to choose a name for your store. It should be simple, creative, and memorable. To make it easier for you to choose a name, Shopify offers an online business name generator.

All you need to do is enter any word you want to include in your company name and click “Create Names.” You will be presented with a list of names. One of them you can choose as the name for your online store. The service will significantly save your time, and it is completely free to use.

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