5 Apps That Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Whether it’s an essay for school or an email to your boss, writing is an integral part of people’s lives. Writing is necessary for most students and working adults, but people overlook the importance of developing good writing skills.

Using Apps for Writing

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at—academic or professional—knowing how to write is a critical life skill.

Many students will find alternatives like write my essays at the college level but fail to nurture their writing.

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Apps That Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Below we review some apps to boost your skills.


OmmWriter is an app developed to help people, especially students to improve their writing skills. This app focuses on providing the best environment for you to unleash your creative energy.

The app focuses on four main aspects:

Distraction-Free Platform

This app prides itself on being a distraction-free platform. It achieves this extraordinary feat by opening in full-screen mode, preventing any updates or notifications from breaking your concentration.

In-Depth Focus

The entire layout and setting of the app are so simplistic and minimalistic that it does not draw any attention away from your writing. It enables you to focus on the words and nothing else.

Inspiring Platform

It allows you to create your setup by choosing the environment, music, and even typefaces.

Stimulating Concentration

It is among the few apps to improve writing by stimulating your concentration with customizable natural backgrounds.

Some people prefer a plain background, so it’s not distracting, while others prefer a colorful experience to inspire them.

OmmWriter doesn’t generalize or standardize your digital work environment. You’ll have lots of opportunities to customize your experience.

For example, some people do not like silence, while others need a quiet environment to think. OmmWriter caters to all of them by giving users the choice of any background sound.

OmmWriter also accumulates tips from professional writers to help guide you. You can implement these tips to hone your skillset and expertly craft your assignments.


Scrivener focuses on becoming a platform that makes the writing process simple, convenient, and quick.

The app is structured so that composing a document is quick and easy rather than tedious and challenging. It is an excellent app for students as it saves time as well.

The app is a writing improvement app used by:

  • Best-selling novelists
  • Screenwriters
  • Non-fiction writers
  • Academics and students
  • Lawyers and journalists
  • Translators and many more

A few of its prominent features include creating any structure you want. It is common for many academic and professional documents to have a standardized format.

Writers know that it’s sometimes tough to follow a standard format. So, when writing essays apps, Scrivener lets you compose in different sections. Then, you can find the perfect spot for your content when compiling the document.

This feature saves time without hindering the writer’s creativity. You can jot down any idea and find its place later on.

5 Apps That Can Improve Your Writing Skills
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Scrivener’s app is easy to use, and after you finish the typing and compiling part, you can export your documents in any form (e.g., Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, RTF, TXT).

In addition to exporting, you can also import all of the same document types. Scrivener even has formatting pretexts that you can apply to your work.

Daily Page

As the name suggests, the Daily Page is an app to help with writing regularly.

The app’s primary focus is to sharpen your skills by implementing the “practice makes perfect” approach.

Daily Page tracks your progress with different assignments and keeps you on schedule by sending a reminder email every day. It helps you build upon your previous work and facilitates creative thinking.

By their goals to develop your skillset in composing essays, Daily Page provides a few writing courses. The most popular ones are:

  • Screenwriting essentials – 8 lessons
  • Blogging 101 – 11 lessons
  • Critique writing 101 – 10 lessons
  • Storytelling 101 – 14 lessons
  • Writing style exercises – 11 lessons

iA Writer Pro

Another platform you can use to improve your skills is iA writer Pro.

iA Writer Pro is designed in a manner that not only facilitates but also promotes the workflow. The workflow is prioritized by introducing different note documents and being able to edit each note. You can even change the modes from writing to editing to reading and back.

You also have syntax control. Syntax control is a feature designed to assist in editing. It helps implement grammatical rules where they seem to fit without the text being too plain or boring. Thus, the feature improves the work while ensuring the natural flow of the assignment is not compromised.

Another interesting element is the style check feature. It acts as your editor-in-chief. It works when you are typing and reviewing the content. And it will highlight any cliché phrases, redundancies, wordy sentences, and filler phrases.

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is also a distraction-free platform similar to Ommwriter. It has a plethora of exciting features such as:

  • Autosave: It saves the document as you are writing it. So, if you accidentally close your assignment without saving it, you do not need to worry at all. Your work is always safe.
  • Wordcount: The app keeps a word count available for viewing. It helps students as they often have a word limit for essays set by their instructors. Without the word count feature, it is an additional tedious task for them to count the words.
  • Themes: Every person is inspired by different elements. So, Calmly Writer has a diverse theme collection you can choose from.
  • Focus mode: This mode helps in editing as it highlights the entire section you want to edit. The section may be a few sentences or even a full page.
  • Formatting: It has an in-built formatting system. All you need to do is select the text and choose the formatting style.


All these apps are available for Windows, macOS, and iOS. So, it does not matter what laptop or PC you use; you can download any of these to help grow your talents. In addition, it can make life more convenient by creating high-quality pieces of work.


Bio: Darren Barden is a writing coach. Darren is working on new campaigns as well as re-jigging and putting a slant on work in progress.

He can write short, mid, and long-form copy for truly omnichannel campaigns such as: OOH, TV, digital, social networks, print, and more for WriteMyEssayForMe.

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