How To Recover Photos Deleted from iPhone/iPad

No matter how reliable your iDevice can be, the unexpected can always happen.

One of the most frustrating incidents that you may have to deal with is to lose important photos from your iPhone or iPad. Photos often capture a very precise moment that cannot be repeated, which is why it is a shame when we lose one of our precious memories.

While there are different methods to recover images that you have accidentally deleted or that were lost due to any technical issue, the truth I that it is not always easy to find a solution. We take a look at what you can do to try to get back your deleted photos from your iPhone or iTunes.

iTunes backup

The first thing you would do in this case would be to go to iTunes in the hope of finding a backup. If you regularly sync your iDevice with iTunes, it is likely that the most recent backup in iTunes will keep the images you are looking for. Backing up your iPhone with iTunes on a regular basis can ensure that you don’t lose important photos. To restore the latest backup and recover your images, try the below steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPhone to the computer
  2. Open iTunes and enable the sidebar (go to View then Sidebar)
  3. Right-click on your device and select Restore from backup
  4. Choose the latest backup and continue

Once the backup is completed, you may be able to find the missing photos in the Camera Roll, but keep in mind that if you have taken the photos after the last backup, you would not be able to get them back with this method. You should also consider that if you restore your device, the contacts, mail and other functions that you manage via iTunes, will also get restored to the latest backup version, so you will need to sync your device and back up other data.

Photo Stream – iCloud

Photo Stream is another solution to get back your lost photos, specially since many options can be configured and it is an alternative backup method. If Photo Stream is enabled in your device, all the photos you have taken, are sent to iCloud photo stream, where you should be able to find them. Recovering photos from iCloud when Photo Stream is enabled can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Check if Photo Stream is enabled, otherwise this would not work. Go to Settings, then iCloud and select Photos. Photo Stream should be switched On.
  2. If it is enabled, open the Photos app in your iDevice.
  3. Tap on Albums from the menu that appears on the bottom.
  4. Select the album called My Photo Stream. Your photos should appear there.

Specialized Software

An additional alternative to consider is using third-party software such as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum. This is a paid solution but if all else fails it might be the only way to recover your photos easily.

Paid programs would have unique features and will perform tasks faster and more intuitively but, in general, they work in the same way.

You would set your iDevice in DFU mode and connect it to your computer. The software then recognizes the device and goes into the file system, where deleted photos may be found. If the photos have been deleted recently, you are more likely to recover them.

Regular Backups!

Finally, keep in mind the importance of regular backups to prevent losing your photos.

Generally, you should backup every week but if you are constantly taking pictures, you will be better off doing it more often.

It is also advisable to enable Photo Stream to ensure that you can get your images back easily, in case they disappear from the Camera Roll.

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