Best Apps for Adhan / Azan for iPhone and Android

Find The Appropriate Time For Adhan

In the Islamic community, no matter how busy your schedule may be, the time for prayer is crucial and it is always observed.

Knowing the time for Adhan (the Islamic call to worship also known as Azan) is very important, particularly during Ramadan.

Times would change across the world but thanks to some practical apps, it is possible to find out the appropriate time for Adhan and other religious observances that take place in Ramadan and throughout the year. Here are some great options for iOS and Android.

Athan Pro


Athan Pro from Quanticapps is recognized as a complete mobile app to get accurate times for Athan and prayer times and it is trusted by millions of users.

It includes features such as access to Hisn Al Muslim and Quran apps, Islamic calendar, Tasbeeh with phonetic support in English and French, daily Hadith, greeting cards, an integrated compass to locate the Qibla, customizable wallpapers, and a wide variety of athans sounds that you can apply to the call of the prayer.

Once you open AthanPro, the app immediately gets synchronized to your device, providing the correct Adhan time. The app is compatible with iOs and Android and it can be downloaded for free.

Ramadan Times


PakData has created an innovative and convenient solution to get the right time for Iftar and Sehar, no matter where in the world you are.

The app allows you to set up an alarm to mark the times with high accuracy as it works with the method that the U.S. Naval Observatory uses to calculate sunrise, sunset, and twilight.

Ramadan Times has a dynamic interface that displays the time remaining for Iftar and Sehar. It also features an Islamic calendar (Hijri), options for high latitude time calculations, and an Adhan alarm that can be heard while the apps are running.

Ramadan Times is available in the App Store and in Google Play for free.

Muslim Pro


Another great option to get the most accurate prayer and Adhan time is this app from Bitsmedia Pte.

It includes an Islamic Hijri calendar, a Qibla compass, a display of the 99 names of Allah, as well as a guide to Mosques and Halal restaurants in your area.

Additionally, Muslim Pro features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, translations to multiple languages including Italian, Dutch, Spanish and French, audio recitations, and phonetics.

You can get audio/video notifications for the calls for prayer with a variety of muezzin voices to choose from. It also gives you accurate fasting times during Ramadan and a great selection of Islamic greeting cards. Muslim Pro is available for iOS and Android.

There is a free version as well as an upgrade available for $4.99.

Azan Alarm Clock


Developed by Omar Mody, Alarm Clock is a practical app that will help you to get up in time for fajr, sahoor, or tahajjud even when you are traveling.

You can set up the alarm within seconds and configure it to ring on the weekends for fajr or during Ramadan to make sure that you have enough time for sahoor.

The interface appears as a beautiful Arabic style clock and it offers worldwide support and uses the device GPS to provide accurate prayer times wherever you are.

Even if the app is running in the background, it will play Adhan as long as you set up an alarm.

You can get it for free from the App Store.



12 Tech’s Azan for Android is a simple app, easy to configure and to use.

You just need to enter your zip code/address and the appropriate prayer times would be calculated.

The app looks up your latitude, longitude, and timezone to provide accurate times according to your location.

It supports both Shia and Sunni calculation methods and Azans.

While the app is still in the beta phase, it works well and it is one of the best-rated options in Google Play. You can download it for free.

Sun & Moon


Although not specifically designed to mark Adhan, Sun & Moon by Bernard Koenig is a great option to get the exact moment for prayers as it provides timings of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moon-set.

Simply enter your location through Google Maps, select your city, and the app will provide you accurate information related to the Sun and the Moon.

Getting the exact times and location for the moon will help you to know the right Adhan timings. It is compatible with iOS and can be downloaded for free.

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