How To Monitor Your Child’s Location Without Installing Software

Monitor your child's location with Neatspy, the number one phone spy solution.
Neatspy will monitor your child’s location

A parent’s worst nightmare is not knowing where their kids are. You want to give your child the freedom to learn and grow without being a helicopter parent, but you want to be sure that your kids are safe, too.

Worrying about your kids is natural. We’ve all heard the horror stores that befall children when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. To get more ratings, news organizations tend to sensationalize child abductions and kidnappings to get more ratings, effectively terrifying concerned parents.

But that doesn’t mean you should lock your kids inside your home until they’re 18. So, what’s the solution?

Did you know that you can monitor your child’s location without installing any software on their phone?

Neatspy – Have Your Kids Under Surveillance Without Any Fuss 

Location tracking is easy, risk-free, and cost-effective if you do it with Neatspy. 

Developed with the world’s best AI and technology, this tool makes location tracking accessible to any concerned parent. Neatspy is a favorite of over a million people in 190 countries. Yes, it’s that popular.

Many leading media outlets have also praised it. They admitted that if a parent wants to ensure child safety, then nothing is better than Neatspy. It excels at location tracking, and the experts agree.

Here are some of the advantages of using Neatspy to monitor your child’s location:

Say “No” To Security Risks

Traditional location tracking required rooting or jailbreaking your phone, which is dangerous if you are not technically proficient.

For example, rooting/jailbreaking will disable the protective security seal built-in to your phone that prevents hackers from gaining access. If you jailbreak or root your phone, you are essentially hacking your phone to bypass the security controls.

Neatspy’s core technology doesn’t work like that.

It doesn’t require breaking your phone’s security features to monitor the target’s location. Instead, it syncs with the target OS and fetches location details for you without installing any software. This type of location tracking doesn’t cause any harm to the target device. 

Location data is not stored on Neatspy’s servers and is 100% risk-free.

Easy Location Tracking

Tracking someone’s location is difficult when you have to learn how to bypass security restrictions designed to protect you.

Neatspy for iOS comes with a 100% browser-based interface.

There’s no software to install and very little set-up time. The only thing you need is the target’s iCloud credentials.

Neatspy for Android is as easy as installing any other Android app. The app is less than 2 MB in size, and installation is fast and easy.

Monitor your child's location with Neatspy
Spy on an iPhone without installing software

Monitor Every Location 

You would be surprised by the amount of location data your target’s phone generates in a single day. You’ll need a reliable tool to track your child’s movements. A location tracker that lags or skips tracking isn’t beneficial.

Neatspy’s Wi-Fi and GPS location tracking monitors both places and GPS coordinates.

You will get the map-tagged location coordinates of your child’s location that you can review each day. You can also tell if your child is traveling.

3 simple steps to monitor your child's location remotely
3 Simple Steps to Start Monitoring Remotely

Clandestine Operations 

We know that you’re worried about your kids’ safety. Deep down, your kids are aware of this fact too.

But, they will surely lose their temper when they find out that you are spying on them. Invasions of privacy have profound emotional effects on kids of any age.

To ensure that you can monitor your child’s location without losing their trust, Neatspy has a few ways to keep it a secret.

For instance, its Android tool comes with stealth mode activation, which hides the app on your kid’s phone. The app is still working in the background, but your child won’t see it.

It has a highly interactive dashboard that works without being near the target’s device. Even when your child is miles away from you, you’ll see their location without waiting for them to come home.

Data That You Can Trust

Last but not least, Neatspy is trusted by thousands of parents to safely and reliably report on their child’s location.

Locations are captured in real-time and accompanied by a date/time stamp. It’s nearly impossible to manipulate or alter the data after being logged.

Keep Your Children Safe!

With the help of Neatspy, you can keep tabs on your child’s location even when they are away from you.

It will help you find out where they are and where they were throughout the day, making your life as a parent more comfortable and less stressful.

Try Neatspy today for ultimate peace of mind.

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