How to hide photos in the Photos App in iOS 8

iOS 8 is bringing many changes to the Photos app, including a new selection of editing tools and more options to organize the albums. You can also store your photos in iCloud, which in spite of the recent photo leak controversy, is still considered generally safe. When it comes to managing your photos, there is a very useful option that will allow you to control the images that will appear in Collections, Moments and Years. Hiding photos from specific parts of the Photos app is quite easy and does not take very long. You can follow a few simple steps to ensure that you can keep some pictures out of view with the new iOS 8.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Open the Photos app, then go to the album or Moment in which the photo you want to hide appears
2. Tap on the photo and keep it pressed, you will see an option in the pop up menu, select Hide
3. Confirm and then tap on Hide again

Keep on mind that of you are in the Photos Menu – Moments view – the photo will not be visible but if your are in the Album view, it would still appear. This is because when you hide a photo, it will stop appearing in the Photos menu, which is were the pictures are organized in categories: Moments, Years and Collections. The hidden photo will disappear from here but you would still be able to see it in the Album view. The photo will still be available when you tap on Albums menu and then select the album in which the image is located.

This is not the only option that iOS 8 brings for the Photos app and Camera. There are also filters, additional editing features and self timers in the camera app. Exposure levels and focus can also be adjusted, meaning that iOS 8 improves your device’s capacity to capture great images. With the new functions, not only you will be able to get amazing photos but you will also have a greater control to arrange them and store them.

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