Best Amazon Echo 2021

The world’s best-selling smart speaker is the Amazon Echo. It has 28.3% of the world’s market share of smart speakers. The integration with Amazon’s E-Commerce store, its music service, Prime Video, as well as Alexa, make the Echo the best.

However, which of the Amazon Echo speakers is the best right now?

Dozens of iterations of the smart speaker have come out in the last decade. Which one should you get? What is the best Amazon Echo in 2021?

Amazon Echo Studio: For Sound Quality

If you care about the clearest sounds and the most beautiful music, you should get the Amazon Echo Studio. The Echo Studio is the total package. It offers HD music streaming, Alexa support, and 3D audio support.

It can currently play Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. This is adapted for both music and video soundtracks. The best part is that the Apple and Google equivalents are both more expensive than it.

It can also pair with the Echo Sub. The downside here is that you can’t stream music from your smartphone when paired with the Sub. If you want that capability, you may want to look elsewhere.

Amazon Echo 4

The 4th generation Amazon Echo possibly takes the title for the 2021 best Amazon Echo. It is a sphere in design and costs a little under $100. It has decent sound quality and includes smart hub capabilities. It’s probably the best Amazon Echo when it comes to value for money.

If you have smart devices in your home and you’re looking for an effective, but inexpensive hub, this is it. You can control Philip Hue Lights, and smart ACs, and literally any other compatible device.

Best Amazon Echo in 2021
Source: Unsplash. Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

The bottom-mounted light ring is an odd choice since you can barely see it. However, if you’re in a dark room, it really adds to the ambiance.

The Echo 4 is equipped with an AZ1 processor which enables a more natural-sounding Alexa. It also has the ability to process commands without needing an internet connection, which is always welcome.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show line was a bit of an oddball, to begin with. However, this little guy has really found his footing with the Echo Show 10. Though it’s expensive, it has full Alexa support and a rotating screen.

The screen has auto-detection and will follow you around while you’re walking around your room. That makes it more likely for its microphone to pick up your voice and respond to your commands.

It also has noticeably better sound quality than its predecessors.

These three speakers are at the top of the heap right now. They have all the capabilities you need in a smart speaker and more. You can play music, order food, and control smart devices around your house.

They also offer the best value for money in smart speakers across brands.

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