Best Apps to Create Beautiful Photo Collages on Your iPhone or iPad

Your iPhone or iPad is there when you want to capture a special moment or when a landscape inspires you.

Instead of keeping an album with a large number of images, it’s possible to combine a selection of your best photographs in a collage.

You can even create a collage dedicated to pictures that refer to a particular event or place.

There are many apps that help you bring your photos together in a single image and we have listed the best ones for your Apple devices.

With these apps you can create splendid collages to combine your favorite images.

Pic Collage

Over 60 million users around the world trust Pic Collage to create the perfect photo collage to showcase their memories to their friends on Facebook or to create an amusing screen saver for their iPhone.

This app allows you to create collages easily using a wide range of themes, filters, stickers, editing options, and text effects.

You can really personalize your collages using a large selection of amazing backgrounds and layouts. Cardinal Blue’s Pic Collage is easy to use and allows you to create collages instantly and for free.


Eventiles is ideal for anyone that loves taking pictures and that is continuously snapping photos with their iPhone but that doesn’t have the time to organize the images captured.

This app will automatically go through the photos you have taken to sort them and to choose the ones that will look better combined in a collage.

Even though Eventiles may not choose the pictures with the best quality, it does have the capacity to put the right photos together in order to tell a story.

Apart from creating collages, it removes duplicates and builds tiles taking into account the date, time, and location of photographs.

This will allow you to reduce the number of images in your camera and keep the shots that can be put together in a collage, as well as in a tile.

This free app can help you to organize your collection of shots and keep record of the date and place where you took the pictures.


iPhone and iPad users can rely on the impressive selection of features that Diptic can offer to ensure that their photos get a true professional treatment instantly.

For just $0.99, you can enjoy a wide range of advanced customization options, including over 200 layout alternatives and the possibility of making additional adjustments (from frames to fonts) in any style you choose.

Diptic gives you flexibility when creating your collages as it does not only let you import images but you can also add new ones by taking photos within the app.

The app created by Peak Systems has no shortage of features and a comprehensive user interface that gives you the possibility of adding special effects, adjusting colours, patterns, borders and more.

These advanced options make Diptic a great option for designers but since it is very simple to use, anyone can enjoy everything the app can offer and share their collages with others via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Photo Wall Pro

This app is designed to create great photo collages that you can share with your family and friends With Photo Wall Pro you can add a special touch to screen savers, wallpapers, and more.

The app is very easy to use and it offers many options that will help you to enhance your old pictures, customize your greeting cards and edit your holiday photos with style.

You can download Photo Wall Pro from Apple’s App Store for $2.99 and enjoy quick collage creation options, as well as enjoying all its features including automatic photo enhancing, retouching for old photos, background and border changing options and more.


InstaCollage was specially designed to work with Instagram but its fantastic features can also be used to share your pictures on other social media websites.

It offers an appealing selection of patterned templates that will make your collages stand out. You can add captions in different size and colours, adjust the frame options, including changing the pattern or colour.

InstaCollage comes with a large number of options to customize your photos and make your collages unique. You can save your customized photos in small, medium or large resolution according to your needs.

For limited time, you can get InstaCollage Pro for free and enjoy the wide range of options that it offers to edit your photos and to create amazing collages.


With PicMix you can combine multiple photos in one single image easily.

With only a few taps on your iPhone you will be able to edit your photos, adjust backgrounds or design collages with the settings of your choice.

PiMix offers you convenient options to adjust your photos as you can remove parts of an image or add them again just by touching the screen. This allows you to move the images and resize them as you wish.

You can also keep the parts that you removed from a picture and use them for a different collage. PicMix is available to download in the Apple App Store for $0.99.


ProCollage lets you create your collage your own way thanks to a large selection of styles available including classic templates, Freestyle, and Stitch options.

You can also choose the layout you prefer to include up to 12 photos and add text with stylish fonts and vibrant colours.

Editing your work in ProCollage is simple and you can make as many changes as you want until you are satisfied with your collage.

Once you have completed editing your collage, you can save it in different sizes and share the final result with your friends and family through social networking sites. Get ProCollage for $1.99.


Fuzel has enhanced its look and offers more flexibility to let you create beautiful collages in a simple way.

You can choose your images first and then focus in options such as layout, stickers, and borders but if your prefer it, you can also start by choosing your layout and then work on selecting the images that would be included in the collage.

You can also change your mind and pick a different template if you are not happy with your initial choice.

The app is free but you can buy additional fonts, stickers or labels to have even more choices. The editing tools and options are easy to use and you can add effects, filters and shadows to make your collages truly special.

Photo Collage Maker

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