Why you should get Google Maps for your iPhone/ iPad

Even though Apple devices have a maps app that offers good performance and that includes 3D maps, the truth is that it stands behind when compared to Google Maps. First of all, the maps application that you get with your iPhone or iPad does not offer Street View, one of the best features from Google’s app, which allows you to see the world at first hand with only a few clicks or taps. The second thing that makes Google Maps a better option is the fact that its information is regularly updated, making it a reliable help to get to your destination. Google Maps also gives you the possibility of saving maps to access them when you are not connected to internet. Here are the main reasons why you should get Google Maps on your iPhone/IPad.

It is free and easy to use

You can download Google Maps from Apple’s App store and install it on your device for free. Once the app is installed, you can start searching for locations. When you open the app, it first will show you where you currently are located on a map. To look for other locations, simply enter the name of the place of the post code in the search bar. If you want to see your recent maps history, you can tap the yellow man icon when you have signed up with Google services.

Street View

The Street View feature is what distinguishes Google Maps from other mapping apps. It allows you to explore areas around the world with 360 degrees view. You can access this function by tapping the Street View preview from any red pin on display. You can move around the image and tap the arrows to move forward. To exit Street View mode you just need to tap on the screen once and select the back arrow in the menu bar.

It gives you more options

When you tap on the small square with stripes in the bottom left-side of the screen and drag it towards the outside, the sidebar will be shown. Using the sidebar will allow you to access public transport directions, get directions to get somewhere when you are on a bike and live traffic updates. You can also select Satellite view and get Google Earth.

If you are trying to use a greener way of transport, you can get information about your local cycle routes by tapping the Cycling button that appears in the sidebar. This feature will show you the most convenient routes to choose to help you stay away from congested areas and enjoy your journey. To get access to more details about a place, select on the relevant area of the map and tap on the red pin that appears on screen. This will display information such as address, distance from where you are, Street View feature and the possibility to share the location.
You can also get turn by turn directions by tapping on the blue car icon to get a selection of detailed routes to get to your destination. Each route option will be accompanied with real-time traffic data and total distance. Tap on the location and the app will show you how to get there with directions of each turn you would need to take. This feature acts a good alternative for GPS and Sat Nav systems.

You can save maps and access them offline
Google Maps gives you the option of saving a map directly in your iPhone or iPad, meaning that it will be available even when you are offline. This is very useful when you are on the go and have no option to connect to internet or when your battery is running low. This fantastic update was launched recently and to start using it, you can tap on the Profile button in the right corner, scroll down until you see “Offline maps” mode and choose the map that you want to save. It is possible to keep up to 6 maps in a GPS enabled device to access them offline. Another option to save a map is to simply go to the location or place that you want to keep in your device, then enter “Ok maps” in the Search box.

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