Repurpose An Old iPhone

Repurpose Old Cell Phone

Use your old phone for working out

As soon as the new iPhone 6 generation was released, millions of Apple lovers were stuck with their older generation phones with almost no idea of what to do with them. This is something that Apple does very well, they make your old gear seam obsolete with every new release. But just because your iPhone 4/4s/5 is not as flashy or as technological advanced as your new iPhone 6s/6s Plus, you can still re-purpose it and make it useful.

The thing about smartphones is that they are just miniature computers, and with just a little thought and creativity, you can find many uses for an old iPhone. Here are some simple tips on how to repurpose an old iPhone that will make you realize how useful these old gadgets can be.

Uses for an old iPhone

Use it for extra storage

Even though the new iPhone comes with larger storage capacity (you can choose between the 64GB or the 128GB), this does not mean that this storage is infinite. Depending on how active you are, this storage capacity is bound to fill up at some point. You can repurpose your old iPhone and use it as an extra storage unit. It will be like a highly advanced external hard drive or a sophisticated flash disk.

Donate it to someone

Ultimately, you can donate your old iPhone to someone who loves Apple but can’t afford to buy the new iPhone. It doesn’t even have to be a fellow adult, you can hand your old phone down to a niece, nephew or even your own child. iPhones are expertly built and newer versions are much better than the older one, the older ones are still very good smartphones that can come in great handy for anyone looking for a wonderful and classy device.

Make it your pedometer music player

The new iPhone is a little expensive and it is completely understandable that most people will be squeamish about putting it in harm’s way. If you are one for jogging, you might not feel entirely comfortable to strap your new iPhone to your arm and run around with it, anything can happen. You can therefore choose to take the less risky option and use your old iPhone as your music player. Chances are your entire playlist is already on it anyway and you are used to using it while our on runs as it is, so why not keep doing that?

Additionally, you can use it a permanent music player in your car, your room, or even your home. There are many docking devices online that can charge your iPhone and play the music through speakers. All you have to do is find and buy the best one and you are in business.

On a further note, if you had the iPhone 5s, you can use it as a step counter when you go out on runs. The co-processor in the iPhone 5s can keep track of your personal health data. So instead of using your new and expensive iPhone 6 while out for a run, why not use the old iPhone 5s as a pedometer as well as a music player?

Let your child use it as a gaming console

It might not be as good a console as the Sony Play Station, but iPhone has a huge variety of child friendly games within the App store that most children would enjoy. If you have a toddler at home, the thought of handing them your brand new iPhone 6 to play games on is enough to drive any sane person mad. So instead of doing that, you can hand them your old iPhone and they will be just as amused.

Use it as a baby monitor or security camera

One of the main reasons the iPhone is such a great device is the high quality camera that comes with it. Your iPhone might be a member of an older generation, but that does not mean that the camera is useless.

By downloading a baby monitor App, you can mount your old device and use it as a baby monitor for your new toddler. The Cloud Baby Monitor App can connect with any device that can pick up and connect to Wi-Fi and it will stream the footage straight to your new iPhone.

Additionally, you can download Apps such as Presence that will allow you to use your old iPhone as a security camera. Download the App and place your old device in a discreet location to keep an eye on your home from your remote location.

Use it for streaming Apps

Just because you no longer pay for any kind of plan, does not mean that your old iPhone is dead. As long it can still connect to Wi-Fi, you can still use it as your personal entertainment center. You can use it to watch a host of movies from various streaming Apps and sites like Netflix.

Additionally, you can still use to browse the web. It can still serve as an extra connectivity device.

Keep it safe for when you have no options

Anything can happen to your new iPhone. You could break it; it could get stolen; or you might lose it somehow. When this happens, buying a new one can be a bit more than financially straining and downgrading to any other kind of device might be out of the question, depending on how particular you are about the Apple brand. This will only leave you with one choice, going back to your old iPhone until you get things sorted out. You can therefore just save the old iPhone in a safe place and use it as a back-up phone for when things go wrong.


Remember that just as beautiful as your new iPhone is to you right now, there is a good chance that your old one will be to someone else. If you do not want to repurpose your old iPhone or if you cannot find any uses for your old iPhone, then go ahead and donate it to a less privileged soul. They will love and care for it as much as you did. Either that or you can find new and exciting ways to repurpose the device. Any one of the mentioned options here will give the old gadget great purpose.

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