Kodi builds to help you stay home while social isolating

The worldwide social isolation protocols have ushered in a new era where the norm is staying home. People are working from home and businesses are closed.

In times like these, there is nothing more to do than work and enjoy your favorite series, movies, and music.

Kodi Builds for COVID-19

Kodi has been making headlines as the one-stop entertainment package ever since its inception. But you need to know how to install add-ons to explore the entire range of features available on Kodi.

To make installation easier, “Kodi builds” allow you to integrate several add-ons without having to install each package separately.

Here is something that you should keep in mind, though, regarding Kodi 17 builds; the best builds are the ones that are regularly updated and conserve space on your device.

Kodi builds enable a seamless entertainment platform capable of switching between movies, news, kids content, popular TV shows, streaming sites, and several popular channels.

However, it is vital to have a VPN installed to browse dark web content and keep your online activities hidden from prying eyes.

Kodi Krypton is the latest release. It’s important to remember that every add-on comes with its own unique interface and performance capabilities. Every add-on has its own unique library, so it is imperative to make the right choice when installing new builds.

In the following section, we have compiled a list of the most popular and in-demand add-ons for 2020.

Let’s have a look.

BK Links Build

The BK Links build is unique because it allows you to view all the content through the pre-installed add-ons and movies and series without any add-ons.

This add-on brought to you by the Stream Digital Wizard, is extremely popular and works well with other add-ons like the Maverick TV, MMA planet and Neptune Rising.


The ever-popular Durex build evolved into the Xanax build. You can enjoy selecting from well-categorized sections that include top choices like movies, TV shows, and sports.

The best feature of this build is that you will have an endless stream of updates. There is a massive repository of add-ons, and some of the best ones are for integrated cable TV viewing as well as live sports.

No Limits Magic Build

This build is particularly favorable among the Kodi users.

If you are looking to experience Kodi like never before, then this one is specifically for you.

This is the most attractive build out there in the market today, and the interface is not just intuitive but beautifully crafted as well.

The build allows you to enjoy around 100 popular add-ons, including various live TV and cable networks.

Blue Magic Kodi Build

The Blue Magic Build is one of the lightest Kodi builds in the market today. It is extremely popular due to the collection of add-ons it offers.

If you are planning on using this add-on, then you need to keep checking the internet for the latest builds and update releases.

Regarding the interface, users have zero complaints and issues. According to several users, the add-ons work perfectly without any streaming or installation errors.

The Blue Magic is perfect for movies, sports, live TV, music, and kids programs.

Diamond Dust

Some builds cater to people who want every form of entertainment within their reach.

Diamond Dust is aptly named as this is one great option for leisure and thrill-seekers alike.

With the Diamond Dust, you get all the popular add-ons and the latest servings like the Death Star, Cloud TV, and TubiTV.

And the buck doesn’t stop rolling at that, as you have the added option of streaming all your favorite TV shows and movies with high quality streaming links including 720p and 1080p.

There are several IPTV Kodi add-ons with the Diamond Dust build, and with a suitable VPN, you can even stream content without any geo-restrictions.

Khaos Build

The Khaos Build is a brand new player in the game of Kodi builds. However, even though this is the latest build, it is one of the most amazing ones to have in your Kodi library.

In a short period, this build has gained a lot of followers and has become one of the best, according to the Kodi community.

There are numerous add-ons that you can enjoy with the Khaos build, including movies, TV shows, sports, live sports, and cartoons. This build is also useful for the users of the Real Debrid service as there is a separate and dedicated section for the feature.

There is another distinct advantage of the Khaos; this lightweight build of 140mb is perfect for the android Kodi users.

Turbo Kodi Build

The Turbo Build is yet another newcomer but gaining steady traction ever since its inception due to the host of amazing features on offer.

This lightweight Kodi build packs a punch within its 260mb size and is replete with features and add-ons that are fully updated.

You can enjoy all your favorite movies, sports, TV shows, and even live streams through the pre-installed add-ons in the build library.


Now something for the KodiFireStick users. Most of the FireStick users demand attention to detail and an attractive interface with tons of intuitive features.

The Diggz Xenon build was explicitly designed with attractiveness and features in mind. This is one of the most stable builds to have with loads of add-ons and features.

In terms of performance, this build boasts terrific speed and accuracy, along with a nearly faultless running and endless streaming. The build comes with a complete library of TV shows, live programs, movies, and sports in HD quality. All you need in a VPN, and you are set for the total package.

Kodi builds are some of the perfect options when it comes to all things entertainment, especially when self-isolating. So, here is to unlimited entertainment. Happy watching!

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