How to enable copy/paste option with Firefox

Some websites do not give you the option of copying and pasting information and while in many cases this is an effective security measure, it can also be annoying if you need to enter a large amount of data manually. If you use password managers and have created a complex password, you will have an issue with websites that prevent you from using the cop and paste functions. This is the case with many sites that manage financial information and that have disabled these options in their webforms. While in some cases, this may enhance the security of data, it may also have the opposite effect as users will avoid using passwords managers that can help them to create strong passwords and may opt for an options that is easy to remember and to enter but that would not be as safe. Using the copy and paste functions can be very convenient and you can enable this option when using Firefox. Following the below simple steps, you can enter complex information in a webform without any issue.

1. Go to Firefox and enter “about:config” into the address bar. This will prompt a notification that warns you about the possible issues if you change the settings. If you are willing to proceed, click the button that states “I’ll be careful, I promise”.

2. In the Firefox preferences Search bar, enter the following: dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled and once it appears below the bar double click the entry. Its value will appear as “False”.

3. Once this is completed, all the websites you visit will have to admit the copy and paste functions and you just need to close the Firefox. You will be able to copy/paste content and use password managers easily on every site. This will also prevent sites from copying content automatically onto your clipboard. If you wish to restore the sites ability to prevent copy and paste, all you need to do is to repeat the steps, ensuring that once you double click on dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled the value is changed to “True”.

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