CyberPower Sinewave UPS Review

Today we review the OR1500PFCRT2U PFC 2U Tower/Rackmount CyberPower Sinewave UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Long name — great product!

We bought this to replace an APC UPS that we accidentally fried. Don’t ask, it’s actually embarrassing how stupid we were.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

OR1500PFCRT2U PFC CyberPower Sinewave UPS

UPS batteries are used to protect computers, workstations, department servers, and networking hardware.

They safeguard telecom equipment that uses conventional and Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies. This is because it delivers a perfect Sine Wave when using company power.

It also supplies a simulated Sine Wave when using battery power. The automatic voltage regulation topology delivers clean and consistent power which protects the connected equipment and prevents costly business interruptions.

The LED displays more details and is easy to scroll through the data. It includes remote tools used to manage, monitor, and control the UPS and backup power. This promotes equipment safety and power savings. It is better and cheaper than APC or Tripp Lite products in the same class.


The CyberPower Sinewave UPS is a patented design that allows utility power to bypass the UPS transformer at stable power conditions which reduces energy consumption, heat buildup, and noise. It minimizes noise during operation, especially in quiet working environments.

It measures 21 by 20.5 by 11.5 inches which is ideal for small spaces and it weighs only 62 pounds making it portable. The rack height is 2U if you want to mount it into a rack but most home office or power users will use the tower configuration. Both positions provide stability and a clear display. It has a cover over the on/off button which prevents you from pushing the button accidentally.

Power and Performance

The OR1500PFCRT2U CyberPower Sinewave UPS has a load capacity of 1500VA and 900watts and comes with eight NEMA 5-15R receptacles. It includes four replaceable batteries rated at 12V and 7Ah.

The run-time at half and full load is 6 and 18 minutes respectively. This provides more time to wrap up your work when utility power fails so you can shut down your equipment safely. Involuntary shutdowns can cause data loss and component stress so it’s recommended to shut down manually.

Automatic voltage regulation directs excess voltage. It provides clean and consistent AC power by boosting the low voltage automatically. It is a line interactive UPS that provides an auto transformer used to regulate low and high voltages. This happens without using battery power when utility power experiences minor fluctuations.

This UPS diverts excess voltage from sensitive equipment during power surges to prevent damages. It prevents power surges from going through computers, servers, and networking hardware. Sine Wave output offers protection to energy systems with an active PFC power supply.

Efficient Management

The OR1500PFCRT2U unit features a rotational and multi-functional LCD panel on the front that displays all important details of the UPS including UPS battery power and condition. The UPS will alert you on any potential problems before they affect sensitive equipment and cause downtime.

The rotational panel can be ready easily whether the UPS is standing as a tower or rack mounted.

The UPS also includes an optional SNMP network management card and software with a Smart App Sinewave UPS which provides a remote management functionality and tools for managing and monitoring the UPS and backup power so you can facilitate an orderly automatic shutdown of the connected equipment during power outages.

The Smart App is used to program both critical and non-critical outlets. This enables you to prioritize outlets and increase battery backup run-time for critical equipment. You can also delay the startup of non-critical outlets to allow internal batteries to charge quickly. This is very useful in data centers for a seamless and uninterrupted booting.

Other Accessories

The OR1500PFCRT2U CyberPower Sinewave UPS provides connectivity via one HID USB and a single DB9 serial port. It includes a telephone cable and an emergency power off cable. The box also includes a user manual and a Powerpanel Business Edition Software CD. It comes with two rack mount brackets and vertical stands.


The CyberPower OR1500PFCRT2U is a safe, intelligent, and line-interactive LCD PFC Sinewave UPS. It is easy to haul and setup and delivers a clean and consistent Sinewave using both utility and battery power.

It offers centralized power management, monitoring, configuration, and control. The remote management tools allow you to shut down all power components safely to preserve your data and prolong the life of your equipment.

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