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austrailian-vpnInternet users around the world share concerns about online privacy protection and the security of their data.

Even though Australia is recognized as a country where people enjoy freedom of speech and privacy, there are still some issues.

In 2011, the Australian Communication and Media Authority act (ACMA), which imposed stricter control over internet was passed.

As a consequence of the ACMA, over 500 websites were placed on a government blacklist, raising questions about how free Australians actually are when it comes to using internet.

In 2015, Edward Snowden cautioned Australian Twitter followers that their online data was now being tracked and kept for up to two years.

“Beginning today, if you are Australian, everything you do online is being tracked, stored, and retained for 2 years,” Mr Snowden posted in a tweet.

While censorship in the “Land Down Under” does not get to the severe levels experienced in other countries, it is important that users understand that they need to protect their online connection. In order to stand against internet surveillance and restrictive actions that put online freedom under threat, many Australians have opted for using a VPN while connecting to internet.

Australian Speed Throttling

Since ISPs in Australia are known for applying speed throttling with the purpose of affecting torrent downloads, a VPN also represents a solution to enjoy online content without issues. A VPN can defend your privacy and protect your data from eavesdroppers, while offering flexibility for your internet browsing. This technology allows users to bypass geo-location restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world. We have listed the providers that offers a secure and uninterrupted internet experience for users in Australia. Their service can also benefit users that live in other countries, who wish to access content available only in Australia.

VyprVPN (Check Out Our Review or Visit Site)

VyprVPN Virtual Private NetworkGolden Frog’s VyprVPN stands for online freedom and the company has an extensive experience working in secure solutions for internet users.

With VyprVPN, you can enjoy a fast and reliable service that offers innovation and versatility.

One of the most impressive features is their exclusive Chameleon technology, which allows users to avoid ISP blocks, censorship filters and geo-location restrictions easily.

VyprVPN is also a great option for anyone that looks for a high level of security for their data as the company provides 256-bit encryption in OpenVPN. They do not keep logs of your online browsing or communications.

IPVanish (Check Out Our Review or Visit Site)

IPVanish VPN serviceIPVanish users can count on excellent speeds and a reliable service since the company manages its own network of over 140 servers located in 60 countries. All your traffic is secure thanks to IPVanish’s 256-bit encryption an you can use the service in two devices simultaneously. This means that you can protect your data or stream online content without restrictions from your PC and also using your smartphone or tablet.

IPVanish is more expensive than other services, but considering the speed and reliability of their service, you get good value for money.


Express VPNExpressVPN offers a wide range of features and options to enjoy a flexible online surfing experience. Their service offers a great performance and superb connection speed, enabling users to stream videos and enjoy online gaming. With ExpressVPN your information is protected with top security thanks to their 256 bit and 128 bit encryption.

While the prices of ExpressVPN’s plans are higher than what other providers charge, the great customer service, incredible speed and features make the extra cost justifiable. Their network is solid and their service is reliable and easy to use.


This VPN provider is based in Hong Kong and while the brand started in 2013, the company has almost a decade of experience in the VPN industry.

IronSocket aims to offer a solid and versatile service that gives users the chance to navigate internet anonymously. While some logs are kept in some of their servers (for instance session logs are kept in the UK servers), the company is transparent about their privacy policy and your online activity is not monitored.

They have a wide selection of servers and in some of them (including Thailand and Iceland) P2P is allowed.


Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN)ibVPN is one of the most affordable options and the company also provides a good service that will help you to protect your data and your privacy while you are online. Even though the configuration is complex when compared to other options, they offer a dedicated torrent service that will please users that are mainly interested in downloading content.

Their iOS client is good and they provide useful instructions to set it up. Low prices and strong security are two aspects that make ibVPN worth considering.

Updated: 2015-10-15

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