Best Spy Apps for Android

Need a Spy App for your Android Phone?

Building trust is crucial and parents need to encourage open and clear communication between them and their children.

However, there are times when the only way to ensure that kids are safe is by monitoring their mobile phones to ensure that they are not using apps that are not appropriate for their age or hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Teenagers love their smartphones and tablets and they spend a lot of time chatting with their friends, playing games and browsing the Internet.

That is why checking the activity on their mobile devices can help parents to identify any potential issues.

Mobile spy apps and other monitoring options are powerful tools that can give you access to a vast amount of information.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these apps should not be used to spy on just anyone.

There are legal restrictions that you need to consider if you want to use any of these monitoring solutions.

First, you need to own or have legal rights over the device you intend to monitor. You also need to let the phone user know that the device is under surveillance.

This is why these apps are mainly marketed for parents who are concerned about their children’s well-being or companies that need to keep an eye on their employees’ company-sponsored work phones.

Some apps allow you to track a device, check text messages, review chat conversations, and record phone calls.

Other options help you to spy in real-time, turning your Android phone into a powerful spy gadget.

While monitoring someone’s phone usage can be handy, there are legitimate purposes for spy apps. Before choosing a spy app, you should check your local laws regarding this technology to make sure that you are in compliance.

Here are some of the best options to monitor an Android device to protect your children or ensure that your employees are not sharing company secrets with your competitors.


Xnspy is a leading mobile spy app for Android and iOS devices.

It is a secure app offering an impressive variety of features at an affordable price with monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages.

 Xnspy Basic EditionXnspy Premium Edition
Quarterly $23.33 $33.33
Annually$8.33 $12.49
Select the Xnspy edition and payment frequency that's right for you and your family.

It covers all aspects of basic and advanced monitoring and works silently in the background.

Xnspy features a user-friendly interface and a simple layout which makes it easy to use for all skill levels.

It supports offline monitor as well as online monitoring of text messages and calls.

You can even remotely lock or wipe/clean a device, record surroundings, and track locations.



If you are looking for a professional mobile spy software solution, MobiStealth is one of the most reliable options you can find.

The program works on a variety of Android phones and it allows you to get access to text messages, call details, apps usage, and other data.

Rooting your device is not required to use this service, but you will need to purchase one of their packages.

Android users can get the Lite Plan from $49.99 for three months, or the Pro package, which offers more features like access to photos and videos, from $79.99 for three months.


FlexiSPY Logo

FlexiSPY is another fully-featured monitoring application that has become one of the leading names in the spy mobile software industry.

It offers unique features and while it is one of the most expensive options, it is worth the price if you need advanced options to monitor a mobile device.

Some of the most impressive functions that FlexiSPY offers include microphone and camera control, but you will need to pay $199 for three months of the Extreme plan to be able to use them.

There is also a Premium package that starts at $68 USD for one month.

FlexiSPY is a powerful surveillance solution, but remember that it should only be used for legal purposes.



This is another well-established option in the same category as MobiStealth and FlexiSPY.

With mSpy you will be able to monitor a wide range of apps including instant messaging services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

Thanks to its simple interface and affordability, mSpy has become the preferred choice for many parents and employers.

There is a Basic plan that gives you access to collected data for one month for $39.99 USD. The price for one month of the Premium package is $69.99.

Call GPS SMS Tracker

For those who want an effective monitoring app, but don’t want to pay high subscription prices, MobiTrack Apps offers a free app that keeps track of calls, text messages, online activity, and phone’s location.

You can get access to details for incoming or outgoing calls and text messages, including phone number, message content, call duration, and contact name.

The app also sends you GPS location updates every 30 minutes.

Call GPS SMS Tracker is not only a convenient monitoring solution but it can also help you to locate your device in case it is stolen or lost.

While the Google Play app doesn’t work in stealth mode, as phone users are notified of the installation and use, there is a version that works discreetly in the background and it can be downloaded from MobiTrack Apps’ website.

IP Cam Viewer Lite

In case you need a remote monitoring solution, IP Cam is a convenient way to manage your IP Camera, DVR, CCTV, Webcam and more from your Android device.

This app from Robert Chou offers features like audio notifications that alert you if motion is detected.

You can also configure recording options to capture video when needed.

The built-in Motion Detection function works with all cameras.

IP Cam Viewer Lite is available for free and it can be a practical and affordable baby monitoring solution.

Spy Camera OS (SCOS)

Spy Camera OS is an open-source project by JWork (Jimmy Halim), which gives you the ability to capture images without being noticed.

This app is a popular and highly rated spy camera for Android users.

If you ever need to take a picture discreetly, Spy Camera OS is the most effective, fast, and easy-to-use option.

The app is available for free, but you can also donate in order to support the development of this project and ensure that it is updated.

Ear Spy: Super Hearing

There may be times when you need to find out what is said around you, and with Ear Spy, you will be able to listen to conversations and know what is going on, even if people are whispering.

This app from Overpass Apps turns your phone into a high-powered listening device.

Ear Spy captures sound through the phone’s microphone and amplifies it so you can listen discreetly using your headphones.

It can also be a practical hearing aid solution or help you to enhance the audio experience when you are watching TV.

You can download it for free here.

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